August 19, 2023

The Top Street Foods That You Should Try Around the World

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It is rare to find a person who hasn’t tasted delicious street foods at least once in their lifetime. Most people love to try street food items during their trips and other outings. Having delicious street food from a local vendor will be an amazing and relaxing experience rather than an arranged meal at a regular restaurant. You can find street food items to match your budget, as they are not so expensive. Some countries are famous all around the world just because of their unique street food items. In this article, we will delve into the world of street foods and grab some wonderful street food items that you should try at least once in your lifetime. 

Asian Street Foods

Asia is world famous for different delicious street food items, and here are some of the top street food items among them.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of the most amazing street food items available in Thailand. It is a stir-fried Thai rice noodle that represents the country’s rich culture of cuisine. This food item is made by adding shrimp, peanuts, scrambled eggs and bean sprouts to boiled rice noodles.


Takoyaki is a Japanese street food item that is made using a batter of wheat flour. This snack has a ball shape, and there is a filling inside. Typically the filling is made out of minced or diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger and green onion to get its original taste. 

Vada Pav

Vada Pav is a delicious street food item originating in India, which is similar to a burger bun. It is a vegetarian food made by using a deep-fried potato dumpling placed inside a half-cut bread bun. Normally, this bun is served with different chutneys and green chilies. 

Middle East’s Street Foods

Moving away from the Asian countries, Middle Eastern countries also hold their own uniqueness in street food. This section is about top street food items available in Middle East countries. 


Even though Kebab is a world-famous food item, it originated in Turkey. Kebabs can be made using a number of different ingredients, according to your preferences. The original Kebabs are made with meat that is grilled using a number of spices and sauces to get its unique taste.


Falafel is an Egyptian deep-fried street food item shaped like a ball or a pattie. It is made by using crispy chickpeas or fava beans, sometimes using both. It is considered a healthy street food because of the ingredients used in it.  


Shawarma is simply a food wrap that is native to Middle East countries. Originally, this street food item was made by using thinly cut slices of meat like mutton or lamb, wrapped in a large piece of flatbread. Nowadays, you can buy shawarma in different tastes and fillings, according to your preferences. 

European Street Foods

Especially, Europe holds significance in the number of unique street food items. In this section, we will discuss some famous street food items that you must taste if you visit Europe. 


Crêpes can be named as a very thin type of regular pancake. It is a famous street food in France, made by using wheat flour. This food item has a history of centuries. Normally Crêpes are served with whipped cream, fresh fruit jam and honey. 


Currywurst is a German street food item that is made using steamed and fried pork sausages. Here the sausage is cut into bite-size pieces and served with a special spicy sauce to get its taste. 


Churros is a Spanish dessert, also considered as a delicious street food item. It is made by frying a dough that is made with wheat flour, butter and eggs. Also, after frying, churros are dipped in a sugar coat to get their unique sweetness. 

American Street Foods


America is also well known around the world for its street food items. Here are some of them 

Hot Dog

Hot dogs are one of the most common street food items in America. It consists of grilled or steamed sausage served in the slit of a partially sliced bun. To add an additional taste, lettuce and sauces will be added to the bun.


Taco is a world-famous street food item consisting of a small tortilla topped with a filling. Normally this filing is made with fish or meat, but you can select the filing according to your preferences. Different toppings and sauces will be added to the filling to enhance the original taste of tacos. 


Street food is a culture that has no limitations all over the world. Many countries in the world have their very own unique street food items while some other countries hold the pride of originating world famous street food items. If you are planning to go around the world, never forget to check for different street food items that are specific to the countries that you visit and give them a try. Since the prices of most street food items will fit into your budget, you can witness the amazement of the cuisine cultures of countries by tasting street food items. 

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