March 9, 2023

Simple Cooking Techniques Every Beginner Must Know

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Cooking is simply a magical art. People believe that meals cooked with love are always tasty. However, there are also some special and simple cooking techniques. So, learning to cook properly is very important. This article will show how to become a perfect chef as a beginner. If you are a person who loves to cook, this is the best guide for you. So, we hope you will join us to reveal the simple cooking techniques you must know.

1. Knife Skills

A knife is an essential tool in the kitchen. Here, it is very important to understand how to handle them safely. The property practice will also help you to cook easily within a short time. Moreover, there are some styles of using the knife. We all know that different types of knives are used in the kitchen. So, we should know properly what knife to use at a time. So, it is very important to learn proper knife skills as a beginner.

2. Sauteing and Pan-Frying

Sauteing and pan-frying are some basic techniques of cooking. In this technique, simply cooking small pieces of food quickly in a hot pan. When it comes to Pan-frying, more oil is used here. It is very important to maintain the right heat in these cooking methods. Too much heat will burn the food and too low heat can make your food greasy.

Moreover, you should also understand the right time to cook the food. In addition, do not try to overcrowd the pan. Let your ingredients space to cook. This is an important technique for you to learn carefully as a beginner.

3. Boiling and Simmering

Boiling and simmering food is a simple cooking technique. It is very easy for beginners even to learn. When it comes to boiling, food is kept in a pot of water. Then the water will be heated and make bubbles around your food. Here, you should understand the proper time needed to boil different food. The reason is that too long can make your food mushy.

On the other hand, food that was not boiled enough will be raw. Sometimes, salt is added when boiling food like rice, vegetables, and eggs. So, make sure to learn every step properly as a perfect beginner.

4. Roasting, Baking and Grilling

Everyone loves to eat food made in different methods. So, it is very important to learn about roasting, baking, and grilling as a beginner. Roasting is simply mixing your meat with flavors and cooking inside the oven. When it comes to baking, you will get a chance to prepare main dishes, short eats, and desserts after learning properly. Moreover, it is better to learn how to grill too. Here, remember to preheat and prepare your grill first. Can you imagine the feeling of outdoor barbecues and grilling with dances and fire? So, learn the tips to be a perfect chef from the first stage.

5. Basic Seasoning and Flavoring

Basic seasoning and flavoring are essential to learn for a cooking beginner. We all know that spices can make your food different in taste, appearance and texture. Here, salt and pepper are the primary flavors of a food. Herbs like basil and parsley will bring a unique taste to each food. Moreover, spices like cinnamon, cumin, and paprika too can be added to make your food tastier. Here, you need to understand what spices to add for relevant food too. Make sure to understand the amount that should be added.

6. Kitchen Tools and Utensils

There are so many tools and utensils used in the kitchen. Each of them has different tasks to be done. When it comes to pans, they are in different types as sauce pan, frying pan and many more. They are used to cook different food types. Regarding spoons, each type is used to handle different food. It will be easy for you to have a set of silicon spoons in your kitchen. Moreover, pay attention to storing and cleaning them properly for long-term usage.

7. Safety and Hygiene

A kitchen is a place where accidents can happen. You should be careful while using the knife to avoid cutting yourself. Moreover, keep your gas stove near a window and check it regularly. Do not forget to switch off the oven and cookers after cooking. You should also consider the hygiene of your food at the same time. Make sure to clean the tools and utensils before and after using them. Remember that cleanliness is essential when cooking. A clean kitchen will also motivate you to cook your meals properly.


We all know that boiling, roasting, baking and frying food have different methods to learn. So, make sure to understand them clearly before starting to cook your first meal. Moreover, make sure to understand the basic seasoning of food too. Moreover, you should also practice safe and clean ways of cooking. So, take your time to begin your journey as a fresh chef with these simple cooking techniques.

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