Making a lifetime commitment expects to come with challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to a happy marriage, but some couples seem to have found a way to make it work. It is necessary to make a huge effort that goes into sustaining a happy marriage. If you have been married for years or just gotten married, this is the place to get some advice on maintaining a happy marriage.

Even happy couples argue at times.What is the most practical way to ensure a happy marriage?

There is no marriage always happy. In conflict, successful marriages can listen to each others’ thoughts, understand when an argument has gone too far, and make appropriate adjustments. If you and your partner disagree or go through a hard time, this does not mean you are actually in an unhappy marriage. Probably, it means you are normal.

You should not expect your lover to fulfill you.What is the most practical way to ensure a happy marriage?

It can lead to over-depending relationships where you do not develop as individuals if you rely on your partner to complete you. In order to have a satisfying relationship, couples can complement and not complete each other. So, make sure you nurture your interests and desires instead of depending on your partner.

See each other’s strengths.What is the most practical way to ensure a happy marriage?

It is not always easy-to-see the little problems that are troubling you, and at times you can even hate your partner. To have a good relationship, you must accept your partner’s strengths and limitations and let go of unreasonable expectations. If you are better at cleaning, do not blame when your partner does not clean the kitchen well. If the partner is better with numbers, he/she can maintain checkbooks. Focusing on what one does well is linked to greater well-being. And we feel more relationship satisfaction when we support our partners to use their strengths.

Get to be attracted to your significant other.What is the most practical way to ensure a happy marriage?

The choice to become attracted to your partner is up to you in your marriage. Try to recognize the features you find most appealing about your partner, including their great legs or their ability to parent your kids. Happy and successful relationships are founded on shared compassion and understanding. Physical attraction is much deeper than it seems.

Be good to each other.

Respect and understanding of your partner are so important. If you are aggressive and judgmental, you come across as resistant and commanding. If you are angry, stop criticizing your partner’s character for keeping things balanced in your marriage. Never say that they are a failure; try to ask or say politely.

Admire each other.What is the most practical way to ensure a happy marriage?

It is pretty easy to take them for granted when you are with your significant other. However, your gratitude should convey verbally every day. Referring to what they have done as thoughtful, we all need to feel valued and respected for the things we are doing well. If your wife/ husband makes you coffee in the morning, for instance, tell them that your day has begun with a smile. We may become resentful and split apart if we do not feel respected.


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