The Romanian artist Darius Hulea is a great sculptor. He uses metal wires to make portraits of famous people from history. His skill at making 3D sculptures that look like real people is pretty amazing. His sculptures are very impressive and amazing. At the same time, it was also different.

By the way, Hulea has been interested in art since he was very young when his grandfather was making tools for farming and his grandmother was making traditional geometric fabrics. Any way you look at it, being around crafts has inspired him to make something new by using industrial materials with arts.

“One of the most important things in my life was when I figured out how to draw in space by using different metal structures. For their work, great artists like Calder and David Smith used materials from industry, while Picasso used recycled materials. These things have changed the course of my life as a sculptor. From what I’ve seen, this is the kind of drawing that Da Vinci and Michelangelo used in their art. They are very serious, real-life pieces that are easy to understand “, said Hulea.

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