You can’t dispute that dogs are lovely. Sometimes all you need is a photo of a dog to make you smile – but you know what’s even better than a picture of a dog? Thousands of dog pics! And fortunately for you, they have their own Facebook community.

Dogspotting is a Facebook community where people post hilarious and charming images of dogs they’ve seen while out and about, and they’ll make you laugh out loud. I’m confident you’ll soon join the ranks of the community, which has approximately 1.8 million members. In the gallery below, you’ll find a sample of the most adorable photos submitted to Dogspotting.

#01 Coming home to find the neighbors’ Newfoundland sitting on the roof was quite a surprise! After all, he probably uses the window like a cat flap!

Photo credit: Chloe Huggs‎

#02 Huge Doggo With Smol Pony Friend at My Mom’s Spot!

Photo credit: Kelly Hamachi

#03 I attempted to photograph this dog that I came across, which turned out rather well.

Photo credit: James Freemantle‎


#04 My father is installing flooring in a home, and an elderly gentleman named Bob, who is 16 years old, is supervising the work.

Photo credit: Grace Chambers

#05 So I reasoned that no one would believe me. If I didn’t take pictures, so I did.

Photo credit: Nicole Perrault

#06 In The Park, I Met This Girl – She Mlem

Photo credit: Ali Jacob Whelan

#07 I recently met Itty Bitty Phoebe, who enjoys playing with leaves and doing good girl sits.

Photo credit: Sam Draper‎


#08 I’ve just met this absolute beauty, and I’m completely obsessed. Greetings, Mylo

Photo credit: Colin Healy‎

#09 Cowspotting!! In Maine, I met this handsome gentleman named Archie. I tried to steal him since he’s an English Setter.

Photo credit: Michael Winter‎

#10 Owner Saved Him From The Street In Tijuana, Mexico, And He Is The Happiest Dog I’ve Ever Seen Lol Such A Lover!

Photo credit: Joel Smith

#11 I just met Ellie, who enjoys walking around town with her favorite Micky Mouse toy (For All The Attention And Pats She Gets). I can attest that it worked 100 percent of the time.

Photo credit: Sam Draper


#12 I saw this Daddy leading his pack of puppies out to play in the yard. 15/10 Would Again Be Smothered In Kisses By These Adorable Babies.

Photo credit: Nicole Marie

#13 On The Bus With His Musical Owner, I Came Across This Smiling Cutie!

Photo credit: Olivia Fine

#14 At The Top Of A Mountain, I Met This 14-Year-Old Wolf! Shadow is his name.

Photo credit: Ryder James Hathaway

#15 Three-Month-Old Miniature Australian Shep!!! Look at that teeny-tiny nose!!!

Photo credit: Laura Papp‎


#16 This Adorable Floof Ball Showed Up At Work Today.

Photo credit: Shivam Bhardwaj

#17 In South London, a little soft sausage takes a break.

Photo credit: Rafe Higson‎

#18 What is her name?

Photo credit: Yap Tze Sheng

#19 On The Streets Of Rome, A ‘dobby’ Eared Boii Taking A Well-Deserved Nap.

Photo credit: Hannah Loomes


#20 Little Winnie was spotted dozing off in her mother’s arms!

Photo credit: Lorna Grey

#21 Pre-Covid, I Was Waiting For A Taxi In Argentina When I Heard Sniffling.

Photo credit: Amy Sh

#22 In Newfoundland, I Came Across A Newfoundland!

Photo credit: Бекки Алекс‎

#23 Yes, I’d want to withdraw all of the available treats.

Photo credit: Becca Schlim‎


#24 My friend moved into a new house, and this guy was only around the corner! We noticed a tiny hole with a name above it and assumed it was a doggy lookout, so we dialed the number, and this cute face appeared. His owners had cut a hole in the fence for him to say hello to passers-by.

Phto credit: Eloise Martin

#25 She was a cheerful young lady who traveled by backpack.

Phot credit: Tracy Korkuc

#26 On my desk, a coworker had left his baked potato.

Photo credit: Cameron Coday

#27 “Good morning, M’am,” says the narrator.

Photo credit: Erin Puccinelli


#28 I’m house-sitting for some family friends who mention that they’re dog-sitting. Princess is a toothless woman who sleeps in an old suitcase. Yes, she’s chubby; in fact, we’ve just met. I’m not qualified to make a decision.

Photo credit: Baylee Shandler-West

#29 Mid-flight, I noticed that the passenger in the row behind us was not using social distancing techniques.

Photo credit: Brady Wood

#30 This Good Boy Was Found Peeking Over A Wall By The Sea In Scotland.

Photo credit: Blair Mowat

#31 I just moved house, and every morning when I wake up, my next-door neighbor’s dog is waiting for me outside my door. I open the door, and she comes in and sits on the doormat. Edith is her name, and she’s my new best friend.

Photo credit: Sophie Moore


#32 Connor is his name, and he is precious.

Photo credit: Valerie Hughes‎

#33 Good Boys And Girls’ Golden Gate.

Photo credit: Nicola Wood

#34 This happened today in the drive-thru at Starbucks, where I work (I Got Permission To Take This Photo)

Photo credit: Chelsea Brown‎

#35 I believe this is what Puppy Dog Eyes refers to.

Photo credit: Moira Watts‎


#36 My sister and I paid a visit to our grandparents today, and our grandfather (who unfortunately suffers from dementia) was heartbroken for the dogs who had to remain outside. As a result, he entertained them by displaying various paintings.

Photo credit: Thomas J Morrison‎

#37 On the train, we discovered a big boy staring at us!

Photo credit: Calista Jones‎

#38 A Canine.

Photo credit: Jordan Simone Adair‎

#39 Proof That At The End Of A Rainbow, There Is Gold!

Photo credit: Cordelia Zhong

#40 I’m not sure whether they noticed me.

Photo credit: Sachitha Amarasekera‎

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