Being able to draw artistically is a gift that many doesn’t possess. People often think that drawing is only for the ones with born talent, and they give up their pursuit in the picture, which is usually wrong. The continuous hectic lifestyle requires some ways to release the stress, and learning to draw will provide you lots of benefits while releasing your stress.

Here are the top 05 benefits of learning how to draw.

1. Enhanced memory

Drawing helps to enhance your memory. According to recent studies, drawing has a huge impact on the memory capacity (both long term and short term) of an individual. When you sit in front of an empty canvas with a brush in your hand, you will be more likely to re-construct past memories more accurately than keeping your memories in written format. It is identified that painting /drawing will reduce the probability of getting a memory-related illness. Isn’t that great☻!!!!

2. Bilateral coordination

Drawing often requires perfect coordination between both sides of your body. It also requires a coordination between Eyes, Hands, and mind too. Drawing longer lines, short lines, soft shadows, and shading and coloring require great coordination between the hand and the eye also the mind as well. Also, a drawing will improve the Soft motor skills of your hands. Needless to say, these are very important to children than adults. Developing these soft qualities as a child would be helpful to enhance both physical and mental aspects compared to others.

3. It will increase your ability to communicate.

“Every picture is worth a thousand words.” Even though painting does not require verbal communication, it often delivers a strong message through its components like colors, lines, shadows, facial expressions, and body language. This will help the drawer to identify the real-life scenarios and emotions of people through facial expressions more quickly and often accurately than their non-drawer counterparts.

4. Drawing will help to solve your problems easily.

Drawing provides you with a valuable asset, unlike other hobby’s. that is a “relaxed time” to think about your life’s problems. Have you seen people doodling on a canvas for hours and then suddenly get up saying, Ah-ha? They are more likely to have solved a life’s crisis through painting. Drawing requires innovative thinking. Applying new colors, new objects, new patterns to your drawing will help your mind to think about a problem from a new perspective.

5. Releasing your stress.

This is huge. Drawing and painting increase the blood flow to the brain. This will deliver you to a relaxed and peaceful state. According to researches, people who draw are found to be more relaxed and peaceful compared to ones who weren’t. A relaxed and peaceful full mind is like a powerhouse, and a drawing will definitely deliver you there.

So if you are still wondering whether to start drawing, grab a pencil and start drawing today. These are just only the top 05 benefits.☻


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  1. Hi Enjoyed the 24 pictures of enduring love! My fav. were the skinny dippers and the couple giving the bird.Love is love just more wrinkles.I also found the benifits of drawing great info.Thanks for sharing.


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