There are so many animals with many variances on the earth. They all have inherent features and beauty. Unfortunately, some of the animals have to leave this world due to different reasons. Unfavorable living conditions and the rest of human activities have contributed to that condition, and also natural disasters have partially contributed to it. Because of these all, endangered animals drop their numbers even more.

We all are concerned about the earth, animals and also climate change, and more in general. We are struggling with matters which have been caused for the environmental crisis.  But people do not concern about some animals because they aren’t seen often. We can consider them as rare animals. Tim Flach, a photographer, has done a photo series of that kind of rare animal, and he named it “Endangered”. Tim has done this with the style of mimics the human ‘portrait’ photography, and this attempt will touch the human’s mind and make people connect more with the animal. The photographer has been captured them in front of the background rather than their natural habitat. And also, he has captured the animals being in their natural habitat.  We have sorted down some of the pictures that are included in Flach’s diary and checked them out. I’m sure all captures will definitely inspire you.


Every animal has the right to live. Every animal adds color the nature, and they help to maintain the ecosystem. We all are living on the same earth, including animals. Like we humans, we can help these animals to repopulate or at least be safe from extinction. We can reduce unwanted actions which are related to nature. Unplanned deforestation, pollution in all sorts of ways, destruction of wildlife definitely tier the natural balance of nature. We couldn’t stop natural disasters, but we can control all the actions which caused natural disasters. This is the time for putting away greediness and ignorance. Please consider that Mother Nature has created this earth; she has appointed our specific duties, including animals. Why do we cut animal parts? As the intelligent animal of the world, let’s protect all of them. Would you mind giving special attention to Endangered Animals? Because they also have the right to live on this planet as much as we do are on the brink of extinction.

More info & Photo courtesy: Endangered | Tim Flach


Ring-Tailed Lemurs
Ring-Tailed Lemurs, © Tim Flach


Polar Bear,
Polar Bear, © Tim Flach



Saiga, © Tim Flach


Shoebill Crane
Shoebill Crane, © Tim Flach


Yunan Snub-Nosed Monkey,



Beluga Sturgeon
Beluga Sturgeon, © Tim Flach


Bengal Tiger
Bengal Tiger, © Tim Flach


Crowned Sifaka Lemur
Crowned Sifaka Lemur, © Tim Flach


Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, © Tim Flach


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