People often have the need to share personal things with others with the intention of seeking advice or opinions. People sometimes get lonely or stressed, anxious, and unhappy of their, and this generates the need of sharing things with others. They believe that sharing will reduce their stress and loneliness (which sometimes does) rather than keeping things to themselves. It is perfectly fine to share our thoughts or even personal matters with family and people who don’t judge because they are good people that will advise you with good heart.

But of you are about to share things with a person who is not your family or a closer one to you, make sure you keep things to yourself rather than discussing it with them even for advises.

1. Issues in your relationships.

Relationships are a very personal thing, and you should never share the status of the relationships with others if you want to be in that relationship. The way people see or experience relationships are different from each other, and hence they have a personal opinion, which may not suitable for our case. Other than that, often inappropriate things about relationships can quickly become public information. Keep in mind that relationships are built upon the pillars of trust, and those pillars will be broken of you share the emotions and feelings of your partner with others. Think how would you feel if you find that your partner has shared relationship status with others. Family therapists often suggest that relationships get broke due to outside interventions.

2. Family issues.

Just like relationship issues, it is good to keep family matters just among your family. Inviting outsiders to give advises to your marriage will cause your marriage to have a devastating end. It is ideal if you talk to your spouse first and resolve things inside rather seeking others opinions.
Marriages are often affected by the influence of in-laws also. But this is dependent upon the nature of information you share with your in-laws. It is better to set some boundaries to keep things at a safe distance.

3. Health Issues.

Sometimes people may judge others based on illnesses or health conditions. So don’t ever release your medical information outside your family because there may be some chances that we get isolated or rejected based on our medical conditions. However, please make sure you keep you loved ones posted about your health continuously.

4. Your fears and Phobia.

Like health, when people know your fears and phobia, sometimes you may get isolated or even humiliated publicly. People may use your phobias and fears to be ahead of you and to take advantage of you. This doesn’t suggest that one should face the fears alone. Just get help from a trusted party.

5. Your goals and targets.

Sharing your targets with others will generate some disadvantages for you. As per the┬ástudies of a Psychology professor ‘Peter Gollwitzer”, people who keep their goals just to themselves will more likely to achieve them faster than those who don’t. So keep your goals to the ones who relay admires your success.

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