“That only occurs in the movies” is a phrase you’ve probably heard before. The reality, on the other hand, can seem bizarre at times. It’s always advisable to grab your phone and take a picture of a once-in-a-lifetime moment when you finally come across something that proves what you’ve been thinking.

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#1 “Today, my coffee cup and my friend’s attire were made for each other.”

Photo credit: Brentusfirmus / Reddit

#2 As I put it, “his new shirt is the ideal fit for his tattoo.”

Photo credit: the_soup_whisperer / Reddit


#3 ‘Security first!’ says the teacher, pointing to her shoes and mat.

Photo credit: goof-rhombus / Reddit

#4 A ceramic donut pipe I crafted with a bespoke finish that matches my fingernails.

Photo credit: QueenBumbleBrii / Reddit


#5 Our bathroom rug is the same color as my girlfriend’s new socks!

Photo credit: Thenyster / Reddit

#6 Mystical being.

Photo credit: Chingelmarie / Imgur


#7 This carrot’s shape is just like my finger.

Photo credit: El_Matt-El_Grande / Reddit

#8 When the dog’s fur matches the rug’s

Photo credit: Choice-Commission-32 / Reddit


#9 I look good in the bathroom because I’m the same color as it

Photo credit: ellenorrigby / Reddit

#10 Dogs belonging to my sister have similar eyes.

Photo credit: cat990 / Reddit


#11 I discovered a pair of candles that matched my nails at work today.

Photo credit: Snurptastic / Reddit

#12 Both the white and purple sweet potatoes have a purple inside.

Photo credit: m0uzer22 / Reddit


#13 My favorite pair of socks and my new thrift store teacup purchase are a perfect match.

Photo credit: SkippingLittleStones / Reddit

#14 My plant has a beautiful double-colored leaf that I’ve never seen before.

Photo credit: LubaLemon / Reddit


#15 My pajamas matched the carpeting in my Airbnb.

Photo credit: catsonstacks / Reddit

#16 This pan complements my kitchen sink.

Photo credit: cosmyjtg / Reddit


#17 I found my front door in a book.

Photo credit: Fashion__ThrowAway / Reddit

#18 Today’s bright sunshine gives my front door an exclamatory feel.

Photo credit:  SamtheMan898 / Reddit


#19 My friend’s cat is fast asleep in her arms.

Photo credit:  gayqwertykeyboard / Reddit



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