The winning and commended photographs from the 2022 BirdLife Australia Photography Awards have been revealed. All over the world, photographers submitted more than 5,600 images to a competition that honored the lives of birds and benefitted bird conservation efforts.

Bird Portrait, Special Theme (Australasian Robins), Bird Behaviour, Birds in the Landscape, Birds in Flight, Birds in Backyards, Human Impact, and Youth categories, as well as the overall Best of Show, are all below.

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#1 Animals in Their Natural Environment: Patrick Tomkins’ “Cassowary Creek”

Southern Cassowary, Kuranda, Qld

#2 Songs About Australasian Robins, Featuring “Pale Yellow” by Danny Mccreadie

Pale-yellow Robin, Crater Lakes, Qld

#3 Focus on the Australasian Robin with Alex France’s “Alight”

Eastern Yellow Robin, One Mile, NSW

#4 Kookaburra, a painting by GD Smith

Laughing Kookaburra, North Stradbroke Island, Qld

#5 By Jason Moore, in the realm of avian psychology: “Stars and Stripes.”

Crimson Rosella, Lamington National Park, Qld

#6 Bird Behavior: “Rehearsal” by Ian Wilson

Superb Lyrebird, Dandenong Ranges National Park, Vic

#7 “Superb Soloist,” a portrait of a bird by Ian Wilson.

Superb Lyrebird, Dandenong Ranges National Park, Vic

#8 Suzanne Bray’s “You Had Me at Hello” has a human impact.

Radjah Shelduck, Mackay, Qld

#9 Australian Robins as the subject of “Yellow” by Glenn Faithfull’s

Eastern Yellow Robin, Possum Creek, NSW

#10 Portrait of a Bird, by Josh Watson; Titled “Spinifex Pigeon”

Spinifex Pigeon, Alice Springs, NT

#11 Australasian Robins: “Female Flame” by Reeni Martinez is this month’s featured special theme.

Flame Robin, Bicentenial Trail to Red Rock Gorge, Canberra, ACT

#12 Writer Jane Mcmenamin captures the gloom of a rainy day in her backyard birdsong, “Rainy Day Blues.”

Australian Brush-turkey, Brisbane, Qld

#13 Avian Behavior in Shelley Pearson’s “Hanging Around”

Galah, Coodanup Foreshore, Mandurah, WA

#14 Warren Wilson’s “Daylight Robbery,” from the album Backyard Birds.

Satin Bowerbird, Woollamia, NSW

#15 Rebecca Harrison’s “Leaning In,” about birds in a backyard, is a great read.

Galah, Coogee, WA

#16 To paraphrase some backyard birds: “It’s Great To Be Alive!” Author: Patrick Kavanagh

Buff-rumped Thornbill, Strangways, Vic

#17 Adolescents, please read “Romeo and Juliet” by Ellis Cummins.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Shellharbour, NSW

#18 The Eyes Have It, a Portrait of a Bird by Michelle Gardner

Black-necked Stork, Howard Springs, NT

#19 Birds in Art: “The Sentinel” by Maria Coleman

Australian Pelican and Pacific Black Ducks, Riverian, NSW

#20 A Young Audience Enjoys Finn Cupper’s “Pair of Bee-Eaters with Prey”

Rainbow Bee-eater, West of Mildura, Vic

#21 Author Martin Anderson’s “Nankeen Kestrel Golden Hour Flight” depicts a kestrel taking flight during the morning.

Nankeen Kestrel, Long Reef Headlands, NSW

#22 Hokey Pokey, a painting by Danny Lee, depicts a bird.

Shy Albatross, Port Sorell, Bass Strait, Tas

#23 Cheng Kang, “Berries For Lunch,” a Book on Bird Behavior

Silvereye, Bendigo, Vic

#24 Article for Young People: “Salute to the Sun” by Finnian Bissell

Olive-backed Sunbird, Edge Hill, Cairns, Qld

#25 Lawrence Chan’s “Morning Dance,” a Flying Bird Painting

Grey Fantail, Port Melbourne, Vic

#26 Wedge-tailed eagle, from Michelle Gardner’s “Birds in Flight”

Wedge-tailed Eagle, Hawker, SA

#27 Christian Spencer’s “Emu Mist” depicts emus in a dreamlike landscape.

Emu, Coffin Bay, SA

#28 John Harrison’s “White-Faced Storm Petrel” from Birds in Flight.

White-faced Storm Petrel, Near Eaglehawk Neck, Tas

#29 By Joel Evans: Bird Behaviour, “Hanging for Breakfast”

Double-Barred Finch, Manly, Brisbane, Qld

#30 Australasian Robins are the subject of “Pink Robin,” a composition by Ravi Arora.

Pink Robin, Otways, Vic

#31 Lawrence Chan’s “My Pearl” from the collection Birds in Flight.

Red Wattlebird, Newport, Vic



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