Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is a photography contest that has been around since 2015. Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam started it. It was set up to encourage people to keep wildlife and their habitats safe. It used images that were upbeat to do this.
This year is no different. The winners and finalists of the 2021 competition have just been named. They include a monkey with “blue balls,” a gossiping raccoon, a moody bird, and a laughing snake.

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#1 Dancing Your Way to Victory

Photo credit: Sarosh Lodhi –

#2 Peek-a-boo

Photo credit: Pal Marchhart_Peekaboo –


#3 Missed

Photo credit: Lea Scaddan –

#4 Borneo’s Treehugger

Photo credit: Jakub Hodan –

#5 The Environmental Stylist

Photo credit: Gurumoorthy K –


#6 The Pleasures of a Mud Bath

Photo credit: Vicki Jauron –

#7 Prairie Dog Ninja!

Photo credit: Alex Walker –

#8 How are you going to open that blasted window?

Photo credit: Nicolas de Vaux –


#9 Secrets

Photo credit: Jan Piecha –

#10 Allow me to dance.

Photo credit: Andy Parkinson –

#11 Oh my god

Photo credit: Ken Jensen –


#12 The Wave of Photo-Bombing

Photo credit: Cheryl Strahl –

#13 Yes, I did it

Photo credit: Dikky Oesin –

#14 Bald Eagle, Majestic and Graceful?

Photo credit: David Eppley –


#15 Do not be concerned. Be joyful!

Photo credit: Axel Bocker –

#16 Determine who makes the highest leaps.

Photo credit: Chi Han Lin –

#17 Warm-ups for opera

Photo credit: Lea Scaddan –


#18 The semblance of a ride

Photo credit: Dirk Jan Steehouwer –

#19 I have you.

Photo credit: Roland Kranitz –

#20 Monday Morning Attitude

Photo credit: Andrew Mayes –


#21 Beak-a-boo

Photo credit: Charlie Page –

#22 I Guess Summer’s Over

Photo credit: John Speirs –

#23 Smoked Deer for Dinner

Photo credit: Siddhant Agrawal –


#24 Did I say you could photograph me?

Photo credit: Patrick Dirlam –

#25 Laughing Snake

Photo credit: Aditya Kshirsagar –


#26 Just checking

Photo credit: Larry Petterborg –

#27 Leaning post

Photo credit: Andrew Parkinson –


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