If you’ve been feeling down recently and don’t know what to do to cheer yourself up, prepare a cup of tea, settle back, and begin browsing through these lovely photographs!

These collections of the cutest and friendliest photographs help you get through the final few days of winter.

01. A swing is impossible to resist.

photo credit: avetyandav93 / Reddit

02. “Today, my friend’s coworker brought her new dog to work.”

03. The most adorable predator

Photo credit: Prostoilogin / Pikabu


04. A young bird wearing a sweater too oversized for her yet keeps her feathers toasty.

Photo credit: tkmj75 / Reddit

05. “Look at this adorable puppy!”

06. “My mother works in a hospital, and they have a service dog that visits patients to cheer them up. He was all dressed up for Christmas earlier today.”

Photo credit: jewelsssm / Reddit

07. A kangaroo who is enamored with the sun

Photo credit: yummycoot / Reddit


08. “He failed as a guiding dog because he was too nice. But now he’s a service dog for those with disabilities and my newest best buddy. He gets a carrot every day since he is such a wonderful boy.”

Photo credit: sunshinemoonshine5 / Reddit

09. It appears that he has figured out what his Christmas present is.

Photo credit: GallowBoob / Reddit

10. Didn’t you think a llama could be much cuter? What about putting on a lobster costume?


11. When you couldn’t say no to having breakfast by yourself:

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12. This dalmatian’s eyes have heart-shaped spots:

13. “It’s safe to say that someone in my building is a far better human than I am.”

Photo credit: tafunast / Reddit

14. Have you ever seen a more contented seal?


15. “During his baths, he resembles a polar bear.”

Photo credit: attheisstt / Reddit

16. “A few weeks ago, I got a new puppy. I purchased Bella a big canine bed and fully anticipated the cats to try to take it away from her. Instead, I found this as I entered the living room.”

Photo credit: xDaigon / Reddit

17. “This dog insists on always holding its owner’s hand. You can pat him, and he will immediately return to his owner to ask for his hand to be held. Every time I see him, I get a warm feeling within.”

Photo credit: Naocookie / Reddit

18. “My kid left his favorite stuffed animal, Hamilton, on my father’s farm by mistake, and my father had a lot of fun building a narrative out of it.”

Photo credit: Lulalunatique / Reddit:


19. Seals are cute, but when they kiss, they’re incredible.

20. “This year, when looking for a tree, my husband and I came upon an unsightly misfit — oval-shaped and flat on top with a wide gap in the middle – and we were instantly inspired! Meet Oscars!”

Photo credit: asieceofme / Reddit

21. In the state of Colorado, a gazelle entered a store. The proprietor decided to reward him with chocolate and cookies. He departed and returned half an hour later with his complete family.

Photo creedit: Mr_DrinksOnMe / Twitter

22. “My mother traveled two hours to my campus today to deliver baked snowman cookies to me. There is no reason for this.”

Photo credit: amylee223 / Reddit


23. “My cousin went swimming with a goat, and they both appear to be having a good time.”

24. A cat is embracing the capybara. They are highly gregarious creatures.

Photo credit: Btherock78 / Reddit

25. Her brunch was shared with a buddy.


26. Genuine love

Photo credit: acidcow

27. The best buddy of man

Photo credit: abc
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