Hello, my name is Niki Colemont, and I currently reside in Belgium as a nature photographer. For the past six years, I have taken pictures of red squirrels in various locales. I didn’t receive a formal education, and I learned everything by doing.

The agility of red squirrels is astounding. The tail is kept horizontally behind the squirrel while it jumps, improving the squirrel’s aerodynamics without serving as a parachute. I wanted to share this article with you to demonstrate just how talented red squirrels are and to make your days more enjoyable during these trying times.

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The best part is that you don’t always return home with the exact pictures you had in mind. The fact that nature is unpredictable makes it so special that sometimes the unexpected can happen. Squirrels are also incredibly intelligent and persistent. They don’t give up easily, which is one quality I admire in them. They make ideal models.



Without even having a formal education, you must win the respect of wild animals and get the ideal shot. Everything I know, I’ve learned through doing. Not to add that you need a lot of luck and that the animal occasionally doesn’t appear at all. Wildlife photography requires a combination of chance, skill, passion for the subject species, patience, and time. And with any luck, you can capture some admirable, deserving, and timely photos. According to a proverb, “If you had one shot or one opportunity to grasp everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you seize it, or would you merely let it slip?”



I recently purchased a drone, and my future plans include viewing the planet’s beauty from above with it.

Since nature has so much to give, especially at unexpected times, I aim to motivate others to get outside and take advantage of it. This will make the experience even more unique whether you are using a camera or not.

Make art, not conflict.


















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