Taking lots of photographs to share with friends and family back home is a must when vacationing so that you can brag about all the fantastic sights you saw and the delectable dishes you sampled. After all, did you have a trip if you didn’t share countless photographs on Instagram and Facebook? But what if the photos you took were a little… underwhelming?

These folks learned that you can’t always take the ideal photographs you see on the internet. In the gallery below, you’ll see examples of folks who went on vacation and returned with inferior pictures of their adventures.




#2 Took a trip to Japan and saw Mount Fuji for the first time. Wonderful Scenery, All-Around


#3 The Scene From Where I Stand On The Mountain I Hiked Around 15 Hours To Check It Out.


#4 The Pulpit Rock in Norway was worth the few hours of hiking I put in to get here.


#5 Made It To Mt. Rushmore After A Long Trip I suppose that’s life.


#6 At 4 a.m., ten years ago, I climbed Bali’s “Mount Agung” volcano to witness the breathtaking sunrise.


It was the last day of my nine-month backpacking adventure, and I had just missed an essential and breathtaking scuba diving instruction. I had to get up at three in the morning to make the three-hour trip to the volcano’s foot. I was left alone with a Balinese guide who didn’t speak English since my closest buddy and sole travel partner at the time was too sluggish to accompany me.

Around halfway up the hill, the road ended, and we still had about 1.5 hours of strenuous hiking ahead of us across wet, rocky terrain.

The monolingual guide and I climbed in silence. As we ascended, I became increasingly aware of how badly I had misjudged the cold temperatures at the summit of the volcano.

Fifteen minutes before daybreak, we made it to the peak while enclosed in a thick and damp cloud, reducing our vision to only 5-10 meters (16-32 feet) and leaving our clothing and skin wholly drenched.

#7 A trip to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland was worth the 4,000-mile journey from the United States.


#8 I witnessed the “beautiful” Grand Canyon in all its gloomy glory. A return to this place is now warranted, at least in part.


#9 I walked for three and a half hours in the pouring rain through one of Norway’s most beautiful trails, and the view was well worth it.


#10 My “Grand Times Square View” From the 65th Floor


#11 I Just arrived home from my first trip to St. Louis, where I was obligated to visit the Gateway Arch.


#12 This Day I Visited the Grand Canyon! Overall Rating: 10/10; I Plan on Returning (So I Can See It)


#13 I Traveled to the mountains and sprung for a room with a view. Outside Our Window, a Snow Plow Drove.


#14 At Last, I Saw Big Ben!


#15 I found myself in the Big Apple for the first time in my life.


My wife and I flew for over 10 hours, covered 7,500 kilometers, and crossed the Atlantic Ocean. To better look at Central Park, we ascended to the top of the rock. Though our time in New York was brief, the memory of this scene will be with us forever.

#16 I Visited the Grand Canyon today.


#17 I Took a car rental and drove the two hours outside of Berlin to see Die Rakotzbrücke.


#18 My Hawaiian-visiting pal had this guy snap her picture. She heard him say, “I got a close-up,” which means, “I saw you up close.” Pray for This Guy


#19 Our Honeymoon Trip Included a Trip to the Eiffel Tower, Where My New Wife and I Spent the Night Before Our Big Day in


#20 This is my view of Mount Fuji in Japan, for the guys who got to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the Grand Canyon.


#21 Havasupai Falls, a 10-Mile Hike Away, Requires a Permit That Is Extremely Difficult To Obtain


#22 They told me to cross the Golden Gate. They Said to Arrive Early


#23 Here’s a picture of me at Machu Picchu that my dad took.


#24 I Have just returned from a morning visit to the Taj Mahal.


#25 My Italian friend took a picture of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa that doesn’t show tilting.


#26 On the Day I Went to See the Great Wall of China


#27 Taking a 120-mile hike by yourself. I Interrupted an Older Person Walking By to Take a Picture


#28 This Happened to Me in the Grand Canyon for the First Time!


#29 Awoke at 2:30 am to begin the two-hour drive to Haleakala’s 10,000 feet to catch the sunrise. Where Else Have You Seen Such Charmingness?


#30 This is my mother’s first trip to Paris.




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