I could see everything in my land even rivers, mountains, caves, animals, and their harmony. Windy, sunshine, and raindrops hugged me lovely when they visited me.

In the real sense of the world, I saw the originality of Mother Nature. I was also a member of that great and huge family in this world. I was so proud.

I’m also a member of your family… why don’t you accept me as your sibling?

Unfortunately, some members of our family do not understand that universal truth. They think that they are the owners of this entire world. How can it be? Who can forget their origin? But they do it. It has been proved by them.

Ok. I’ll tell you my story. If you like, please listen to me for a moment. I’m tired. I have no more time.

I’m also a member of your family… why don’t you accept me as your sibling?

One day a kind-hearted man put my grand seed into mother of nature’s tummy. My mother was kind enough to give birth to me. She was never a burden to her children. She has amazing kindness and great ignorance. However, I have been hugged my mother tightly. After a few days, I could see small white roots on my grand seed. My mother protected me and gave me warmth to me. After another few days, I could see the world. I was born as a tiny mango plant there. My very first appearance is a green scion. I felt morning blessing which was done by sun and windy. They admired my birth. The breezy wind kissed me and said, “Hello champ… Warmly welcome to our family” Then my mind was full of happiness.

I’m also a member of your family… why don’t you accept me as your sibling?

Step by step I was growing. One day, I could see that kind-hearted man again. He put some water and food for me and said, “Now it is a young plant. Buddy, grow like a huge tree”. Then he went. I have been waiting for him. But he never comes back. As he said, I grew up. I have become a huge furcated tree. Every morning sun and windy say “good morning” to me. Tiny birds sang songs on my hands every day. I listen to them proudly. I could give food to my friends after the few years I was born. Squirrels and birds have come there. “It was yummy, thank you great mango”. They thanked me every time. I have my smile to them.

They made their residence on my hands. I let them live. I did not feel alone. Because they were always with me.

Not only animals but also people came here and bring mangoes, I felt proud when I think my mission on them. I always thanked Mother Nature and that kind-hearted man.

One day a man came there. He ate a mango I gave and touched my body. I felt something strange. He went. Within few days he came back with two people. They had brought ……….. They came to me and said “wow. Superb. This place is amazing, we can build a marvelous house here” I could guess what will happen next.

Please wait….


“Don’t do this. Let me live…..Many animals live in their cages here.. Please save them…inside my left hand, there are two newborn parrots. Their parents are not there. Please stop this. I’ll give you my soul but couldn’t give their souls”

They didn’t listen to me. One person hit me. I felt it. Then I felt a big knife cutting my tummy.

“I’m sorry sun and windy, I’ll never say good morning to you. Please give my love to others. Goodbye..”

I’m also a member of your family… why don’t you accept me as your sibling?

I lost my eyes. I laid in front of Mother Nature. I’m sure she’ll cry. She’ll hate them. Now I’ve become a stump. There is no beauty. I lost my legs and hands. I’m breathing uncomfortably. I’ll die within two or three days. But I’m happy. I’ll be able to provide my body to sit them as a bench. I heard something while I falling.

“Hey.. This was planted by my dad 15 years ago. Now, this is a huge tree” I could realize one thing. This is the son of that kind-hearted man. He gave me birth but his son destroyed my life. If he is kind enough to think as his father, I could be able to be a roof for others not only that but also I could able to protect Mother Nature.

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