Animals have made the world a better place in many ways. They provide delight to many people every day and serve as a valuable teacher to humans because of their generosity and willingness to love without conditions. Their loving deeds and public shows of affection are frequently documented in photographs that would melt the heart of a stone.


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#1 For the first time since moving in together, my shepherd and my boyfriend’s Shiba are snuggling.

Photo credit: rynoki / Reddit

#2 When I took in a motherless kitten, my dog began lactating for it.

Photo credit: ericccccartman / Reddit


#3 When I’m sad, my cat sits by my side and purrs comfortingly.

Photo credit: Percussionoid91 / Reddit

#4 What you’re hearing is Galaxy. Therapy dog at Denver Children’s Hospital and all-around good boy

Photo credit: Salty_meatball** / Reddit


#5 Taken in a candid moment of the golden boys making out

Photo credit: IdleChris / Reddit

#6 A good hug is something that everyone may benefit from occasionally.

Photo credit: mttdrt / Reddit


#7 At 5:30 every day, he comes in for a morning hug.

Photo credit: Rain_GIitter / Reddit

#8 Three-month-old puppy and adult boxer cuddle up.

Photo credit: sgemma / Reddit


#9 He treats me like we’re closest buddies and follows me around often.

Photo credit: DaddyMagumbo /Reddit

#10 Such interactions lay the groundwork for lasting friendships.

Photo credit: NevermoreTheRaven / Imgur


#11 When my three-year-old son gets the flu, all he wants to do is cuddle with the family dog. He has been in that position for a very long time. We can all agree that Hammer is the best boy in the class.

Photo credit: Underrated_buzzard / Reddit

#12 When my cat hugged a whimpering kitten I rescued from the street

Photo credit: zozozkittykat / Reddit


#13 The pregnancy news is slowly sinking in for my cat.

Photo credit: layneelu / Reddit

#14 My pit has been extremely affectionate with my sister ever since she got pregnant

Photo credit: ritty84 / Reddit


#15 A month ago, we saved Dixie’s life. In this case, a smile really does say it all.

Photo credit: mxmc84 / Reddit

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