What is on your mind now? Take a moment and think. When we think deeply, we can find a lot of questions around us. They are floating here and there in our minds. Therefore Most of the time, you feel fatigued when you scan your mind. Rarely you get something that made you happy.Happiness depends on what? Can You Guess It? The Choice is yours…

Why is that? You have to think more and more about yourself and the things rotating with you. You have to balance your daily schedule with your Pending works. Not only pending works but also you have to balance the whole life cycle. It is a very difficult task you have. Therefore in every time, we have more things to think about. Then how we achieve it?

According to Mahatma Gandhi,

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”

Yes. That is why I mentioned, the choice is yours. Yes, I’m saying, you can create happiness in your mind. No one can fill your mind full of happiness. But people and things around you can give something to you as supportive pillars. But you are the arbiter of your own world.

According to Susan Reynolds,
co-author of Train Your Brain to Get Happy,

“feeling pleasure can be so stimulating for your brain that it is primed to respond to pleasure in a way that reinforces that pleasure.”

Happiness is an emotional key that opens the door of your mind house clear out spoils well. As I mentioned above, some facts will affect your happiness. If you accept every fact without filtering, you will lose that miracle of your life.


You have few people, they always wish you victory. Such people bring you happiness and help you to balance your life cycle. But most of the people around you are not supportive pillars. Especially in your working environment or every place you are in. Sometimes they try to put you down. They try it in many ways. They will do many things. Sometimes they ignore you, they blame you for no reason. But you cannot stop your path. You have to avoid all barriers in front of your victory.Happiness depends on what? Can You Guess It? The Choice is yours…
Please go forward. Only focus your mind on the tasks you have just think, nothing in this world is eternal. There is an end to everything someday. But do not hate your enemy. Take them out of your mind and you go on your journey. Finally, you will meet happiness through your peaceful mind.

Please take a deep breath…

Incidents and Moments….

We are passing a number of moments and incidents in our day to day life. Every Moment and Incident do not give you a thrill. End of the working day, you have at least one thing to suffer. Please scan your mind. You will find them.Happiness depends on what? Can You Guess It? The Choice is yours…

For examples,

• You couldn’t catch the evening train.
• You couldn’t help someone who asked help from you.
• You missed a valuable thing that affects your future by your wrong decision
• You couldn’t report your work on time.

Please wait…. You cannot revise the time. All moments and incidents you spent belong to the past. Don’t rely on them. If you couldn’t catch the evening train, you can come on the next train. If you couldn’t help someone, no worries you can help them the next day more than today. Sometimes, you will miss some opportunities because of your wrong decision. But next time, you can select the best option. Because you have experienced that moment. If you couldn’t report your work on time, you must take a deep breath again and start your work. Then pause for a moment after part of the work is done. Ask yourself the reason for the delay. Send a message to your mind so that it does not happen again.

There is again in every loss. Please forget past sufferings but remember only the experience you gained from it as a life achievement.

You know, the mind is the most powerful organ of our lives. It has magical power. If we practice positive thinking as our life pattern by ignoring negative thoughts I’m sure we can meet happiness. Then you can balance everything better.Happiness depends on what? Can You Guess It? The Choice is yours…

Remember this, you are the arbiter of your own life and pilot of your own life journey.

Good Luck!



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