I feel exhausted. I need to forget everything. Even myself. Yes. I’m hopeless now. I’m asking you a thing. How do you feel when all your hopes, wishes, and dreams go out from your desired track? Let’s assume, Tsunami has come, its huge waves destroyed everything. My dreamland also vanished from huge waves. Yes. I’m experiencing that horrible truth. I’m looking at my shading dreams without any thoughts. I see everything as a book with blank pages. I couldn’t find anything.Do you like to write your story on Blank book? You are the arbiter

I wished for thousands of things but what I got? It has no value than I expected. I wanted to be a Rosy. It has smooth and nice petals. They are very attractive. It generates a soft and heart touching smell. Everyone likes her. Some people named it as the symbol of love. People sharing roses, because they represent emotions such as love, friendship, kindness, and others. It has more verities. But now, I have no authority of smell. No one likes me. I’m not rare every one could find me everywhere. I have only five petals. Unfortunately, it is the truth I should face. I’ll introduce myself, who Am I. I’m a shoe flower. I lost my dream. I wish for something but got another one. I confused. What do people think about shoe flower?

Let me think about it…. I should seek out my own cluster. Some people maybe like me.

I’m thinking now……..

Do you like to write your story on Blank book? You are the arbiter

I do not like to wait. Although I’m not interested in rose I have a unique legacy. I opened my closed eyes. I can see the world now. Actually, I’m not ugly. I have nice colored five petals. No matter, I haven’t any smell. It’s good. Then bumblebees do not hurt me. I can feel the breezy wind. I can do many things.

I want to wipe tears and all my sufferings. I don’t like to see them, again and again, .yes… This is my legacy. If children cry for requesting a moon on their hands, they cannot achieve it. They’ll cry. But one day they have to accept the truth. It is the reality.

Wait…think a moment. Although you lost your dreams. You can try it again. Please believe you can think again. See, you have a blank book with thousand pages, in front of you. Why don’t you try it? The past is the past. It has no power to grow in the future.

Please take a deep breath…..

Take that blank book in your hand. Close your eyes for a moment .it has blank pages. Please ask what they are murmuring.Do you like to write your story on Blank book? You are the arbiter

They say, Hi dear, your future is here. Please start to write it in your own words. You cannot pass the reality. You have to face it. Please accept this as a new beginning. No matter you couldn’t be a rose. If you write there. I’m sure you will become a shoe flower made from diamonds. Diamond is better than roses. Which one is your choice?



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