I am happy with the life I got. But a lot of people cannot say that. Most of the people have sufferings and sadness. Do you know that All of us have a short life cycle? Why do we feel sadness and why do we lose our happiness? Do you know happiness and peace are rotating around us? We have to catch them. Even we got a very short period, we should bloom in our own way. Fresh feelings protect our inner peace. We should gain it. No need to be a worry. I’ll tell you how I feel about my life. This is my story. No… this is our story. How do we live happily ever after even we have a short life journey?Do you like to know that how do we spend our lives happily ever after?

I was born in this beautiful and magical land as a blessing. Mother Nature has given me birth as a cheerful soul. I have more siblings. Some of them are still on my mother’s tummy. Some of them are born with me. But some of us are going to die when we are born there. It is nature. All of us know the pattern of the life we all have to face. My mother does not worry when her children go die in front of her feet. She knows that universal truth. She gives birth to a lot of children and she loses her children on the same day. Even we have a short life cycle, we are entertaining our lives. Life is a miracle. If you can wipe other’s tears and give smiles to their face, definitely you have a miracle insight into your soul. We have that miracle.Do you like to know that how do we spend our lives happily ever after?

In the morning time, you can see the sun rises with a beautiful aroma. When the sun kisses the earth we start to bloom. Yes, we are blooming. It is a very attractive moment. Thousands of our members are blooming by diffusing their nice petals. Breezy windy comes there and wishes us for our new beginning and we smile with him. We could hear blessing songs by tiny birds. Then bees, bumblebees, and butterflies visit us together to take nectar, their energetic drink.

They touch me…from their legs. And bring them to the next flower.it is very acute work. They do their task that handed over by Mother Nature. scientists named its pollination. When you wake up, we have already bloomed. You can see that pollinating process. People like us very much. They are sharing with us when they feel happy, love, caring, and even sufferings. They share their emotions with us. When they do it, they make a bunch of us and tie together. Its appearance is classy. When someone looks at that, they forget every suffering and they feel hopeful.Do you like to know that how do we spend our lives happily ever after?

Therefore we have a miracle with our souls. Some people admire others by giving us. Some people offer us to their god. You can see us everywhere. Some of our members are blooming on top of a tree or surface of the earth. But they have a unique beauty although where is the origin they originate.

When during sunsets, we stop our duty and take some rest. Before us taking the rest, we can see birds are flying to their cages. We are going to sleep when darkness comes around us. The next day we bloom again. It is continually happening within our lifestyle. But one day we have to go. From our birth, we are getting old. We know it. When our time comes in front of us, we use to say goodbye to all our family. Then we’ll lay on Mother Nature’s lap from our god mother’s hand. Every day it is continuouslyDo you like to know that how do we spend our lives happily ever after?

happening. That is our story. I feel, we add colors to this world and give our best contribution to Mother Nature. Actually, it is an admiring service. This is our mission and it adds colors to your vision. This is our journey. We are spending our lives happily ever after even we know the truth of our lives. Now, I’ll stop my story. My time has come. Finally, I’ll introduce myself.
I’m a flower, represented this beautiful family of flowers, and done my duty well.


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