Have you ever fallen in love with someone? I’m sure, you will say “Yes I have”. Not only you but also every people in the world will take place here.

Love. What is the mean of this miracle word?

Why do I recognize it as a miracle word? If you meet a lover, your life will change. You have to add several things to your normal routine. You try to dress nicely, speak attractively and think romantically than past. She/ he takes place on the bottom of your heart. You start to share your day to day life with her/him. She/he adds more things to you. They come forward to wipe your tears and bring a smile to your face. It builds up as a habit on your mind. You realize every worry in front of your love. That is why I am saying, it is a miracle if you got the right person at the right time. Your life cycle goes smoothly.Breakups. The truth behind broken relationships.

Suddenly you face a cyclone?

Cyclone destroys everything. Think a bit, if the Lovely breeze converts into a cyclone. How does it feel for you? Your life definitely will change at the highest possible rate of your life. It destroys your peaceful mind and your smooth life cycle. When in every breakup, they take things from us more than they gave us. That is the legacy of many lovers. Bitter truth is, It takes time to build but it breaks quickly.

Why does it happen?

We can see a lot of reasons behind every breakup. Sometimes, only one reason will affect it. Let’s think deeply, what is the thing?

1 . Your characteristics always are different. If you couldn’t understand?

You two appear in common as lovebirds. Although You may have some similarities You two are not one person. Yes, you are different people who have different thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Most of the time, you have different views about the different issues of the life cycle. Understanding is a miracle part of your love . But you do not identify that reason, It will be a reason for your breakup.Breakups. The truth behind broken relationships.

2. Influence of your parties.

Yes. This can be a major reason behind it, you faced. We have to ask other’s opinions too. Our parents and the rest of your familiars have wishes and hopes for you. If they don’t accept your partner as their family member, you have to make a decision. You cannot forget your family. Therefore you two have to separate from each other if your family does not understand your affair.


Your colleagues take a considerable part of your life. You share also your private life with them. You listen to them. If they do not like your lover or if they feel jealousy about your affair, they can change your mind and it tends to break your affair.


This factor mostly happens in Asian countries. Most people believe in horoscopes and other religious perspectives. Therefore they try to find a person to their family who respects the same believes and thoughts.

3. You can never rotate someone’s Vision.Breakups. The truth behind broken relationships.

Yes. Let’s think your lover has a different vision but you do not expect it. You feel angry every time. For example, you like traditional music but they don’t like and they see it as elegies, they hate it. Then you like to help beggars as a habit but they think of beggars as thefts. They think of charity work as a disease. You cannot change his vision and you don’t like to be changed. Then you tend to break your affair.

4. Having a third person to your love story.

This is a major reason behind most breakups. I have many more examples, not about me but others. My university colleagues had affairs, beginning with the university era. By the end of the university era most of them lost their affairs, Reason is a third-person factor. If someone meets a handsome guy or a beautiful lady or wealthy person than your lover she/he will choose another way and change the track. If someone needs to shift from an affair they made, that person finds and see more errors from their lover. That needed person to create badly image about his/her lover and promote it. According to this manner, It can feel that person has never fallen in love with his lover.

5. You feel it.

Most of the people start their affairs in their young age. Let’s assume, you find your lover before you start your higher education. Now you fall in love with them. You continue it until you finished your higher education or degree. After you finished your higher education or after you become a graduate, you feel he/she does not match me. I’m great thank her/him. Then why do I wait for him/her? I can find a better solution than he/she. Then you try to break it.Breakups. The truth behind broken relationships.

Those are the factors I could see for breakups. It is a very tough decision, no matter who made it. But it hurts another party very well. It can see as a lifetime wound. You have to forget your love due to any other reason, but they alive in our minds forever.

It is the truth. Tears cannot wipe your sufferings. Sleep does not shrink your memories. They are live in the bottom of our hearts as memories. I wish you will never meet breakups and May you live with your love forever.



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