Environmental and land artist Jon Foreman of Pembrokeshire, Wales, crafts breathtaking mandalas out of stone near the water. He creates amazing stone manuals out of founding objects like driftwood and stones. The beautifully crafted and painted stone mandalas are sure to captivate anyone’s attention.

Jon collects stones of varying sizes, hues, and shapes, then arranges them into amazing formations featuring complicated patterns of dynamic swirls and gigantic circles. In his pieces, he frequently seeks to highlight the natural elegance of stones. By spending so much time with stones, he might have discovered their hidden potential.

“Jon can be considered as a great researcher. He searches for a lot of different and hidden things in his work regardless of what it is or where the place is. Jon is a creative-minded person who has done work in derelict environments with the help of ashes, pieces of broken glass, and general debris. His working scale has a massive variation. He uses driftwood and stones to make minimal and small things.”

Look down below to see his fantastic work. Be sure to check out his Website, Instagram, and Facebook pages to stay up to date on his latest projects.























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