When the moon appeared to be Saturn, a photographer in Guatemala had the chance of a lifetime to take a stunning shot.

This magnificent image was captured at the foot of Acatenango Volcano. Francisco Sojuel, a photographer, hiked for six hours to capture this breathtaking view.

When he gazed up at the sky in the dark hours before sunrise, he witnessed a breathtaking sight. In his mind, the moon appeared to him to be dressed like Saturn.

The image’s lower half depicts the lowlands of Guatemala as well as the outline of Pacaya volcano. It appears to be an ice crystal cirrostratus cloud, as suggested by Sojuel.

When he changed his perspective on the moon, he noticed a halo. The surrounding cloud has had a somewhat thick and fluffy consistency. A cirrostratus fibratus or cirrus spissatus cloud could be the culprit. Both of these clouds are typically created by strong winds and are much denser than the others.

In the world of photography, Sojuel is a household name. Because of his stunning landscape and astronomical photographs, he has become well-known. Just keep scrolling down to see more stunning pictures of him.

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