An estimated 3 percent to 5 percent of the population suffers from so-called acrophobia (fear of heights), making it one of the most widespread fears. There are several types of mental health issues that may be caused by a person’s fear and anxiety when confronted with a considerable height. An unreasonable fear of heights may occur even if the acrophobia is not unusually high about the ground.


Please understand that this article is an informal assessment of your gut’s ability to withstand the peaks and valleys of harsh experiences. Climbers, explorers, and thrill-seekers are all examples of people who want the sensation of being above the ground. Who knows, you could be one of them. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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#1 Thanks a lot, Ledge – Yosemite National Park

Photo credit: EB-Escalade

#2 One-kilometer Highline record for the United States is shattered in Moab, Utah.

Photo credit: leu-mas

#3 Somewhere in Russia, at the summit of a tower

Photo credit: Mapes


#4 Dam at Shasta Lake

Photo credit: Tracer_Bullet1010

#5 Anyone Worried About Heights?

Photo credit: plateaudrifting

#6 Handstand on the side of Mt Huashan in China by Intertim’s girlfriend

Photo credit: BruceWillisWasAGhost

#7 Chicago’s Ledge

Photo credit: Notorious_ike


#8 Not the tallest tower I’ve climbed, but I thought this picture was cool.

Photo credit: flannelbeer

#9 In China, the Zhangjiajie Platform

Photo credit: twixonurface

#10 Not getting out of bed on the wrong side is out of the question.

Photo credit: K1nsey6


#11 Photographs by Ledge

Photo credit: MyOhLongJohnson

#12 Free Climbing in Yosemite by Wolfgang G├╝llich

Photo credit: Mapes

#13 In The Arctic, Sailing Towards An Iceberg

Photo credit: zurnford

#14 A Few Days Ago, I Made My Way Up To The Oklahoma City Silos

Photo credit: lifeofarticsound


#15 An Abandoned Theme Park for a Photoshoot

Photo credit: Driftershoots

#16 The Wilshire Grand Center Tower, Los Angeles, has five men on the top floor.

Photo credit: yannireddit123

#17 Oh, That’s What I Was Doing. In the Sky

Photo credit: sberder


#18 A Backflip At Trolltunga, Norway.

Photo credit: PartyAtGunpoint

#19 There are times when your realtor may have exaggerated the importance of the “minimalist balcony” feature

Photo credit: TheAdAgency

#20 In China’s Mt. Huashan, You’re on the Edge of the World.

Photo credit: ctzitzis


#21 The [oc] Bigwall Climbing and Extreme Aerial Sports.

Photo credit: ryansheridan

#22 The View from the Top of the Mountain

Photo credit: MECHASCHMECK

#23 Organizer Balazs Mohai’s International Highline Meeting at Monte Piana, Italy’s Northern Alps

Photo credit:


#24 Above Yosemite Valley, on a Lookout Point

Photo credit: vaporeon46

#25 Climbing with Alain Robert

PHoto credit: devasohouse

#26 According to employers, my current Linkedin profile picture makes them nervous.

Photo credit: BigHeart_BiggerDick

#27 The Yukon Striker – I’m all in!

Photo credit: AkaGurGor


#28 Overlooking the City from a High Rope

Photo credit: rurity

#29 Up in the air: Ukrainian Skywalkers – 116 Feet

Photo credit: louderspace

#30 1940: Suspension Cabling View Of Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse

Photo credit:


#31 Yosemite Climbers Taking a Break on a Secluded Mountainside

Photo credit: CryptoExodus

#32 In no way, shape, or form

Photo credit: RicePaddyFarmer69

#33 Woolworth Building, New York City’s tallest building at the time, painters, 1926

Photo credit: notbob1959


#34 Spiral Staircase with 40 floors

Photo credit: FoxxWorldProductions

#35 Unicycling to the extremes

Photo credit:

#36 The Eiger Summit Ridge, Switzerland, is a dangerous place.

Photo credit: another-thing

#37 In India, there is a wet and steep staircase.

Photo credit: Joey_Valentine


#38 Getting Started With Flying.

Photo credit: touchfeel

#39 At The City Of Rio De Janeiro From Above

Photo credit: CryptoExodus

#40 Matt Bush Hanging Five On ‘Heaven On Earth’s First Freesolo Ascent. By Micky Wiswedel / Getty Images

Photo credit: Mapes
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