Domesticated animals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Cats and dogs are commonly kept as pets, and their owners develop strong emotional attachments to them. Working animals include horses, donkeys, yaks, and other such animals. Working animals are now frequently supplanted by more modern equipment and technology, but they were formerly essential, and people were connected to them. Then there are animals raised to produce meat, such as ducks, buffaloes, rabbits, or pigs. Even if they are maintained by individuals rather than on farms, they are raised to be murdered and have no emotional tie to them.

However, it is difficult not to notice how valuable and loving working animals or those raised for slaughter are, and they frequently become pets as a result. When the practical utility of working animals declined, they were shifted to the pet zone. Pigs, for example, are now maintained as pets with no aim of being turned into steak.


Pigs are notoriously messy and obnoxious. However, they are more than farm animals and are pretty cute.

#1 The pig as a pet

Photo credit: LoganBryantAlex

#2 My friend’s pig has just given birth to piglets. Her Pug Has Given His Approval

Photo credit: SnuzieQ

#3 Piglet is quite attractive.

Photo credit: pee_wee_the_pig


#4 Ride on the Back of a Pig

Photo credit: PigEveryHour

#5 This Pig Loves To Paint And Is The First Pig Artist In The World.

Photo credit: pigcassohoghero

#6 Michael was introduced to Batman.

Photo credit: boochaces

#7 A Pan or Veggie Fried Rice Is Happiness! Chef Pop is now accepting orders. Who’s up for some?

Photo credit: Priscilla the Mini Pig


#8 Meet Hamlet, the Piggy Who Saved My Life in Hamlet: The Piggy Who Saved My Life in Hamlet: The Piggy

Photo credit: Melanie Gomez

#9 Piglet Sleeping With Her Matching Toy

Photo credit: livinunderwater

#10 A Pumpkin with a Little Pig

Photo credit: Motha_Effin_Kitty_Yo

#11 A baby

Photo credit: Shootitallpix


#12 My Girlfriend’s Parents Have Purchased Several New Baby Ducks For The Farm. Petunia the Pig seemed to enjoy them.

Photo credit: heyconnor

#13 A Friend is fostering a Runt Piglet. I believe he is a good fit for the family.

Photo credit: mlcolosimo

#14 Until I saw this little guy smiling at me, I didn’t realize pigs could be so adorable!

Photo credit: MrForgettyPants

#15 As content as a piglet having his belly rubbed

Photo credit: StewPaddasso


#16 Pigs are well-known for being friendly and intelligent, and Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs are no exception.

Photo credit: meowroarhiss

#17 Here’s a photo of my mother holding a happy piglet.

Photo credit: tri_sect

#18 Volunteers to cuddle their piggies are needed at a South Carolina farm animal sanctuary.

Photo credit: Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary

#19 I took a photo of a pig surrounded by pink tulips.

Photo credit: Fluffy The Therapy Pig


#20 Keeping a Cold Piglet Warm

Photo credit: JoeinJapan

#21 Little Piglets, have a wonderful time!

Photo credit: cookiecake16

#22 Floppy!

Photo credit: Floppy the Pig

#23 Piglet and Foster Kitten Have Been Best Friends For A Long Time.

Photo credit: moomoo220618


#24 Our Little Farm Girl Awoke To Brand New Kunekune Piglets After A 115-Day Wait!

Photo credit: LlamaRoo5

#25 This is the best pig picture I’ll ever take.

Photo credit: tilly9191

#26 When I go home, I’m greeted by this face.

Photo credit: pigboots

#27 Are you able to see me?

Photo credit: honeyishrunkthepigs


#28 Piglet Smiling On A Pooh Blanket

Photo credit: somehow_ifeelhopeful

#29 Sunday snooze

Photo credit: outsidedavepiggy

#30 The couple believes they have adopted a little pig and keep her as a pet even after it grows 650 pounds.

Photo credit: Esther The Wonder Pig

#31 My girlfriend is completely smitten with little pigs, but she has never met one. That is no longer the case.

Photo credit: ToddOMG


#32 Isa The Piglet, the Kitten Lady’s newest foster,

Photo credit: mac_is_crack

#33 This Buck-Toothed Piglet

Photo credit: Battyboyrider

#34 A Pig Who Is Content

Photo credit: Salsadips

#35 This Pig Finally Found Love After 12 Years In A Tiny Stall

Photo credit: Where Pigs Fly


#36 Sunbathing Piglet

Photo credit: Gigibop

#37 A week ago, Bruce fell out of a semi-truck while driving to a commercial finishing facility. Bruce is now in charge.

Photo credit: Brunos_Barn

#38 Kevin and Girly Girl are lifelong friends.

Photo credit: fc3sbob


#39 Pearl is cradling her stuffed piglet.

Photo credit: lnfinity

#40 Blep Piglet

Photo credit: moltenmirror
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