Do you believe that precious items offer happiness to people’s lives? “Cuteness activates not just a protective reflex, but also a youthful reaction that invites enjoyment,” according to psychologists Gary Sherman and Jonathan Haidt. Baby animals and miniature items are at the top of the cuteness scale, aren’t they?

R/TinyUnits is a website where you may find all kinds of lovely little things. “Throughout the years, the subreddit has remained pretty simple and of only one objective: posts animals or objects that are very tiny”. u/hwhouston517, the community’s moderator, revealed in an interview with Bored Panda. For a change of pace, folks occasionally submit a little succulent or a smol bed. Scroll through the gallery below to view some of the cutest tiny creatures and things, and remember to smile!

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#1 When a baby deer meets a baby human, it’s a match made in heaven.

Photo credit: bobekyrant

#2 Tiny Guardian Unit.

Photo credit: thelastburrito

#3 Babies of Mice.

Photo credit: just_minutes_ago


#4 Aardwolf Unit is a small group of aardwolves.

Photo credit: Bloodtruffle

#5 Beautiful Crab.

Photo credit: fujfuj

#6 One Of Animal Therapy’s First Applications. In 1956, a group of baby ducks cheered up a little girl undergoing polio treatment.

Photo credit: chrisrobles

#7 On The Wheel, Chunky Boi Fell Asleep

Photo credit: chrisrobles


#8 A seal scares a baby polar bear by accident.

Photo credit: chrisrobles

#9 Attack Dogs: Be Wary.

Photo credit: jasontaken

#10 Smol Smol

Photo credit: chrisrobles

#11 Succulents, Succulents, Succulents!

Photo credit: Poisongrape

#12 Dragon adolescent.

Photo credit: everryn

#13 A little bed.

Photo credit:jasontaken


#14 Hedgehog Baby.

Photo credit: chrisrobles

#15 Donkey Miniature.

Photo credit: TooManyBalloooons

#16 teeny-tiny Hawk.

Photo credit: Bob_Janke

#17 Tiny Bird Unit with Confidence.

Photo credit: LadyAdiee


#18 With His Father, This Tiny Lion Cub.

Photo credit: FormerFruit

#19 Tiny Hippo Unit.

Photo credit: 123bpd

#20 Bun.

Photo credit:

#21 Possum Baby Blessings.

Photo credit: LuciferrLu


#22 Unhappy Unit.

Photo credit: tyboarder

#23 A unit dedicated to beef.

Photo credit: sexykettlecorn

#24 Please adopt me.

Photo credit: jasontaken

#25 A Capybara with a Baby Goat Standing On It.

Photo credit: chrisrobles


#26 It’s been one hour since this teeny-tiny unit was born.

Photo credit: mlemu

#27 The Tiny Frog.

Photo credit: Coded_TNT

#28 It appears to be quite relaxing.

Photo credit:

#29 Kitten in the Dark.

Photo credit: jasontaken

#30 Capybara cubs.

Photo credit: just_minutes_ago


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