Have you ever been on YouTube and not clicked on the following recommendation after seeing an animal video? I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of binge-watching pictures and videos of cats, pandas, dogs, penguins, and other animals for an almost unhealthy period. They make me happy!

Today, we’ve gathered some fantastic photographs of animals doing lovely things or simply being themselves. So, if you’re having a bad day, take a break and go through the gallery below to see some of the most incredible individuals doing great things!

#1 She’s Meowing Until You Rock Her Because She Saw The Kids Playing On It.

Photo credit: rc1honda

#2 This veterinarian has a comfort-dog companion who reassures sick patients that everything will be fine.

Photo credit: W0LFPAW

#3 Buttercup Is Prepared For The Winter In Minnesota

Photo credit: Onlylolita


#4 Healthy dog

Photo credit: badmoodrude

#5 This Is The Cutest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Photo credit: briellewestwood

#6 A Dog’s And A Human’s Genuine Friendship

Photo credit: Emmasmith77xx

#7 This is my son, Hooman.

Photo credit: umakira


#8 Our cat had kittens two days after giving birth to our first child. Whenever he gets the chance, this kitten joins her in the lounger. I believe these two were meant to be best friends.

Photo credit: Hoot2687

#9 My Sam was by my side for 21 years, from elementary school drama through motherhood.

Photo credit: jadedali

#10 After a fire swept through his town in Colorado, a man was reunited with his donkey, Ennis.

Photo credit: BarefootUnicorn

#11 In Turkey, a stray doggo interrupts a street performance to assist an actor who was pretending to be hurt. What a Heart of Gold

Photo credit: tilltheend0ftime


#12 My Cat Stopped Eating While I Was Recovering From Anorexia. I’ve finally figured out that she’ll only eat if I do. An Excellent Reason to Continue Eating

Photo credit: moonchild_86

#13 In My Neighborhood, I Rescued A Stray Cat. His brother would visit him late at night. I didn’t have any other choices.

Photo credit: JDeebs

#14 This Was My Dog’s Reaction For 5 Minutes Straight After I Hadn’t Seen Him In A Few Days.

Photo credit: jaytavira

#15 My Christmas light decoration appears to have a crush on someone.

Photo credit: cyyclist


#16 One of the soft-release raccoons from my local wildlife shelter managed to get under the fence and into the deer pen. Adorability Resulted

Photo credit: th3dj3n1gm4

#17 When A Random Act Of Kindness Turns Into A Lifetime Friendship

Photo credit: plebposter

#18 For four days, he guarded a bird with a broken wing under my truck, preventing it from flying away.

Photo credit: MasturbatingMiles

#19 A Guy Notices The Cutest Little Squirrels Napping Outside His Window

Photo credit: krisstijan


#20 My son texts me every time he’s on his way home. I open the door, announcing his arrival to his 17-year-old cat and 16-year-old dog. This is the group of people that are waiting for him.

Photo credit: JonesMommy

#21 There’s a black and white dog in Heaven looking after seven golden lab puppies.

Photo credit: Daisy Woodruff

#22 The boss suggested that we have Office Pupper Fridays.

Photo credit: Pristine_Principle_9

#23 Some photos don’t even need a title; all they need is a smile.

Photo credit: CountrymanR60


#24 My friend came home from work with a goat on his tail.

Photo credit: Fuzzie8

#25 The Cone Of Shame Doesn’t Sit Well With Jellybean. He Allows The Flower Of Protection To Exist.

Photo credit: pokitgiraffe

#26 Once upon a time, we fed our backyard squirrel. Frankie is waiting for more nuts at our back door.

Photo credit: chebstr

#27 This mare lost her foal and lost its mother two days later. They’re Here An Hour After The Meeting

Photo credit: fenwai


#28 It’s a Beautiful Day

Photo credit: VerbotenPublish

#29 Because my father was under a lot of stress, we decided to get him a dog to see if it would help him. Mission Achieved, According to The Cuddle Puddle

Photo credit: Syntra44

#30 While out running errands this morning, I snapped this photo of this massive pitbull with his Pooh Bear. Adorable

Photo credit: anders1318

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