People worldwide are offering love and support to Ukraine as it continues to struggle with its war with Russia. Everyone wishes for the restoration of peace. The death toll is rising by the day, the world’s largest plane, the Antonov AN-225, has been destroyed, and other cities have been attacked. In a battle, no one truly wins; instead, there are just losses.

Today, we’ve gathered some photographs of Ukraine shot before Russia’s invasion. Many people are unaware of the lovely country’s culture, architecture, and customs, which earned independence roughly 30 years ago. Here are a few images that will offer you a different view of Ukraine.


#1 Kyiv is a vibrant city.

Photo credit: jenyaiaryna

#2 In Kyiv, Ukraine, the People’s Friendship Arch

Photo credit: dmitry__prikhodko

#3 In Ukraine and throughout Europe, “Golden Gate” is one of the most beautiful metro stations.

Photo credit: marga__da

#4 Kyiv is a peaceful city.

Photo credit: pnmrvalexey


#5 Ukraine’s capital is Kyiv. Cathedral of St. Nicholas

Photo credit: TechnicalVersion7300

#6 Motherland Monument (102m, taller than the Statue of Liberty) in Kyiv, Ukraine. Inside is a World War II Museum.

Photo credit: bademus23

#7 “Stay in Touch.” Popasna is a town in the Donbass region of Ukraine.

Photo credit: seth_globepainter


#8 Ukraine’s Baroque Kyiv

Photo credit: oldfriendarkness

#9 Kyiv in the evening, with the Motherland Statue in the background

Photo credit: A_Lazko

#10 In Kyiv, a Revival Mural

Photo credit: dendy_d

#11 Kyiv Pillow Sculpture

Photo credit: d_arias_art


#12 Zhytomyr Region, Staryi Solotvyn

Photo credit: margosha_gangalo

#13 September 2020, Vozdvizhenka District, Kyiv

Photo credit: benjamin.koenig136

#14 In Kyiv, Ukraine, spring has arrived.

Photo credit: EoghanMuzyka

#15 Lviv, Ukraine – House Of Scientists

Photo credit: Numberwang


#16 On a trip to Lviv, Ukraine, I took this illuminating photograph.

Photo credit: rustyquad

#17 While visiting Kyiv, Ukraine, I came upon this incredible structure.

Photo credit: augustostberg

#18  Church In Voevodyno, Transcarpathia, Ukraine

Photo credit: RapidEddie

#19 In the middle of a forest, there is an old wooden house. Ukraine, Near Zbrui Village, The Forest

Photo credit: EoghanMuzyka


#20 The Stanislav Grand Canyon is located in the Kherson Mountains of Ukraine.

Photo credit: andrevas_lv

#21 At Kyiv, Ukraine, a Christmas tree stands in Sofiyivska Square.

Photo credit: istetsen

#22 Vozdvizhenka is a Kyiv gem. The City’s Elite Micro District. They Show A Real Rainbow With Each Element And Color Perfectly Refined

Photo credit: dorka_danceandtravel

#23 Kyiv’s Darnitsky Bridge

Photo credit: priroda.ukrainy


#24 Ukraine’s Love Tunnel

Photo credit: demilk

#25 Kyiv, Ukraine

Photo credit: bademus23

#26 Our religion is freedom. 2017 in Kyiv

Photo credit: rc_warsaw

#27 On The Water, The Church Of St. Nicholas

Photo creditmarga__da:


#28 Kyiv, Ukraine

Photo credit: KantKay11

#29 Kyiv’s Independence Square

Photo credit: jekaloc

#30 In Kyiv, it’s Just a Metro Station

Photo credit: Tovarish_Petrov
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