Have you ever witnessed something spooky that instantly gave you the chills? We frequently come across strange artifacts that appear to have come straight from a horror movie set but turn out to be genuine.

“Oddly Terrifying” is a Reddit group dedicated to sharing images of strange and disturbing objects encountered in the real world. Today, we’ve gathered some photos from the community that appear to be both bizarre and disturbing. Try not to grimace or be scared as you scroll through the photographs below.

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#1 Triplets on the way

Photo credit: Chlorofil

#2 Nails-Free Fingers

Photo credit: V3nd3l

#3 A Whale Skeleton Discovered in Egypt’s Hot Dunes

Photo credit: SufficientTrack4193


#4 This is what happens to my hands when it gets cold

Photo credit: Zealousideal_Talk479

#5 Something is going on with the ants

Photo credit: hahagnarlydude

#6 Polar Bear Is Attempting To Eat You

Photo credit: IamPotato14

#7 In Thailand, a British tourist filmed a ‘Monitor Lizard’ emerging from their toilet bowl.

Photo credit: YusufDumanN_


#8 In Western Australia, a 280 million-year-old fossil was discovered. Tom Kapitany contributed to this image.

Photo credit: creepthekid_

#9 Frogs have a mutation that causes their eyes to grow inside their mouths

Photo credit: Valentiniy0210

#10 This was discovered in the basement of my new home

Photo credit: franco-noce

#11 Last night, I was startled awake when I noticed a Victorian ghost floating at the foot of my bed. It Took A Few Minutes For Me To Recognize That It Was My Clothes On The Door.

Photo credit: sesse301187


#12 During a blackout, the Sears Tower

Photo credit: bobolover90

#13 Nooo!

Photo credit: Electronic_Ad_8535

#14 After my computer was blue-screened, a webcam appeared at the bottom of the screen.

Photo credit: LittleDuffy

#15 This is the real deal

Photo credit: Squaliebawse


#16 You are changed by war

Photo credit: NN_besomething_iWish

#17 Canyonlands National Park in Utah has The Black Crack, a 65-foot-deep fissure along a trail.

Photo credit: Boojibs

#18 This Is How Running Birds Appear

Photo credit: Csab7722

#19 After a prankster added red lights to the eyes of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue (San Francisco, 2019)

Photo credit: Grimwolf-77


#20 The Head of This Statue Is A Beehive

Photo credit: babytigertooth005

#21 Angels Who Are Biblically Correct

Photo credit: Yachisaorick

#22 This Face Swap Is Extremely Disturbing

Photo credit: FlameHank

#23 The Best Films Ever

Photo credit: __ZEL


#24 The Bat Morph Suit of My Daughter

Photo credit: mountainmorticia

#25 This Caribou’s Remains in Greenland

Photo credit: KoalaTeaNip

#26 A Suspicious Standing Goat

Photo credit: Megumins_AE86

#27 Maze of Corn

Photo credit: mrcrabs6464


#28 Incredible Halloween Costume

Photo credit: frenchy614

#29 Last night, this abandoned hospital had a visitor

Photo credit: killHACKS

#30 I’m both disturbed and intrigued

Photo credit: Katsuki_Bakugo__

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