Russia started a military invasion of Ukraine last week, and the situation has only gotten worse since then. Many innocent people have died, and the Ukrainians are prepared to fight back. People from all around the world are rallying behind Ukraine and wishing for peace.

President Zelenskyy of Ukraine has stated that he and his people would remain firm and fight for their independence. During this crisis, the international response is equally noteworthy – people are standing in solidarity with Ukraine, as seen by worldwide protests. Scroll down to discover some of the most recent online changes.


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“Despite hundreds of arrests, massive rallies against the takeover of Ukraine in St. Petersburg.”

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“The Pravda brewery in Lviv has shifted its focus from beer to Molotov cocktails. After Ukraine’s Defense Ministry encouraged residents to construct Molotov cocktails to repel invading Russian soldiers, the brewery declared its preparations. “Putin is a d*ckhead,” states the label.”

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“I believe this sums up the Russian Army’s performance thus far.”

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“Road service staff are removing road signage around Ukraine to make it more difficult for invading Russian forces to navigate.”

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“Tbilisi, Georgia 26.02.2022 Second day of non-stop protest. We are still here. Ukraine please stay strong! Слава Україні!”

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“Berdyansk, Ukraine: A Ukrainian guy removes a landmine from the road with his own hands.”

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“Azerbaidjan based fuel company, SOCAR, is offering FREE gas for Ukrainian ambulances and SES”

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“17% od Ukrainian army are women. Absolutely bada**”

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“This is how Poland welcomes Ukrainian refugees at railway stations, where they spend the entire night — with food, water, clothes, automobiles, lodging, and medical and psychological assistance.” This isn’t a government-funded project; these are citizens who are investing their own money and effort.”

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“80,000 protest Russian invasion in Prague’s Wenceslas Square”

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“I shared a photo of a young Ukrainian couple who married the day Russia invaded their nation the other day. Yaryna, 21, happily displayed the AK-47 assault rifles she and her husband Sviatoslav, 24, acquired from the government so they could join the resistance and protect their nation on Facebook today.”

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