Pets typically don’t get the concept of “privacy” in the human world. Certain furry companions insist on following us around everywhere we go. They have no qualms about accompanying their masters into the bathroom and sitting on the toilet seat next to them as they relieve themselves.

Pets invading human territory can be endearing or hilarious one minute, and obnoxious the next. Whatever the situation may be, we have compiled some photos of pets that show zero respect for their owners’ space restrictions. Below is a gallery with some examples; please take your time looking through them.


#1 Car Seat Keyboard

Photo credit: winston__stella

#2 As I try to get some work done, this little guy keeps appearing.

Photo credit: kim_swick_art

#3 When Do You Need Your Own “Space”?

Photo credit: Cassandralove89

#4 I will be observing your every meal, from the sandwiches you make to the cookies you bake and the steak you cut.

Photo credit:

#5 There will be a small pawp that you’ll hear.

Photo credit: Protocol-King

#6 Refuse the Right to Privacy

Photo credit: Sumbunnee

#7 After forgetting to close the door behind them, they found themselves sharing the tub with an unexpected visitor.

Photo credit: heyheywendyray

#8 It Seems I’m Not Paying Enough Attention to Him.

Photo credit: Shonarrrrrgh

#9 There Is No Such Thing As Privacy

Photo credit: lrice88

#10 Have Taken In A Dog As A Pet

Photo credit: ssssskkkkkrrrrrttttt

#11 My canine roommate of mine has no concept of personal space.

Photo credit: Miss_Lame

#12 With the addition of our second dog, our family’s understanding of personal space has changed even more.

Photo credit: Weswieeee

#13 Because of this, my dog has no concept of personal space.

Photo credit: cozyfuton

#14 Igor Disregards His Neighbors’ Private Spaces

Photo credit: scarymary085

#15 In other words, she can come right up to me, but I refuse to even look at her.

Photo credit: MahjiggTheFox

#16 Hellooo. Please Put Down Your Computer and Rub My Head

Photo credit: crease222F

#17 This guy decided to do an intervention on his own, without informing anybody else, and he did it without asking for permission.

Photo credit: 9999monkeys

#18 There is a sign that says, “No Animal Crossing for You!” If you need an animal, you only need me.

Photo credit: lennsden

#19 This Is Getting Dangerously Close, Guys

Photo credit: little_green_penguin

#20 However, You’re Much Cozier, Mom

Photo credit: ellie_and_remi20

#21 Wanting Attention Badly

Photo credit: mmfreeman33

#22 I came across this boy out in the country all by himself. He was frightened at first, but now he seems to be doing fine.

Photo credit: Aritmico

#23 This morning, while my girlfriend was brushing her teeth, a monster emerged from under the sink.

Photo credit: Mabaum

#24 I had planned on taking a soothing bath, however

Photo credit: hbarinsky

#25 Dogs Aren’t Supposed To Use Cat Trees

Photo credit: SymanthaB

#26 Short Story “May I Please Take a Bath with You?” As a spoiler, I was accepted.

Photo credit: miller_dontstopretrieving

#27 Intimate Segmentation? Nope. My Name Is Cat Cushion

Photo credit: macluvva

#28 When I’m at home “alone,” I like to take a bath.

Photo credit: tbotcotw

#29 Upon waking, I saw my cat perched on my chest, eyes wide open.

Photo credit: Pike_Gordon

#30 They all said to get a puppy. They promised you wouldn’t feel quite so lonely in quarantine. Actually, They Were Correct

Photo credit: seriouslymytenth

Are you amazed at the before and after images presented above? Keep in touch for more interesting stuff. Happy trails until we meet again!



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