Imperfection can be seen in living things and also creations. However, Parents hope to make their children perfect in everything. However, it is impossible as everyone is ideal in their specialized areas only.

Animals can be rejected from society as a society always prefers things perfected in every way. But some people in the community follow only the rules in their hearts. The heart of such kind human beings’ is the place for all the animals called pets. These pet parents give true love to these pets without limits.


These pet parents have come forward and made the world wake up to care about these pets. Some of these pets have won the chance to be internet celebrities full of the love of their parents. These pets enjoy their life with all the comforts despite their fate.

These cute faces tell us their story, which is full of the love of their kind-hearted pet parents.

01. Another frantic Monday…!!!

Photo credit: theadventuresofkev

02. Scuba deserves a standing ovation!

Photo credit: © u/sammixxlove / reddit

03. I wasn’t the one who finished all of the food on the table.

Photo credit: smushofficial

04. That expression, as though he wants to share my lunch (and dinner) with me

Photo credit: © u/someshooter / reddit


05. Even though this boy was born without eyelids, his grin captured our hearts.

Photo credit: unknown / reddit

06. I used to think I was a kangaroo. But only for a short while since I overheard someone calling me “cat.”

Photo credit: roothekangaroocat

07. Atchoun will look into your soul while you worship your new kitty overload.

Photo credit: Cdprojects / imgur

08. Her tongue, according to the breeders, makes her “imperfect.” She now sticks her tongue out whenever someone calls her “imperfect.”

Photo credit: u/thespicyasparagus / reddit


09. My yellow lab has a twisted face from birth. While I see it when I’m unhappy, it instantly helps me feel better.

Photo credit: unknown / reddit

10. This teeny-tiny oddball was adopted from a shelter. We believe he is a dog.

Photo credit: u/fancy_terrible / reddit

11. The twisted jaw of this cat created a lovely smile that we couldn’t resist.

Photo credit: unknown / imgur

12. I traveled three hours to pick up this guy from the rescue.

Photo credit: u/Snipsthetips / reddit

13. Meet our newest addition to the family! Maxwell, the knucklehead cat.

Photo credit: unknown / imgur


14. The most recent release is Pirates of the Caribbean.

Photo credit: u/mofo69420 / reddit

15. He might be the saddest cat on the internet.

Photo credit: bekk1b00 / imgur

16. I want to see you smile and be happy every day.

Photo credit: unknown / reddit

17. Please welcome our one-of-a-kind Vincent, ladies, and gentlemen (van Gogh)

Photo credit: u/I_speak_Australian / reddit

18. Dracula’s Cat “Welcome to my home once more…”

Photo credit: u/astro-bandit / reddit


19. The most recent musical revolution Meowie, David!!!

Photo credit: u/SupremeCommunistCat / reddit

20. Shhh…!!! If I’m not hypnotizing you,

Photo credit: u/lovemybudz / reddit

21. Do you think you’ve ever seen an extraterrestrial? No way in this place.

Photo credit: u/megalrou / reddit

22. I’ve fixed my gaze on you. You are everything I see when I look at you.

Photo credit: kellykat89 / imgur

23. Despite being two-faced, he is immensely charming.

Photo credit: venustwofacecat


24. Don’t be alarmed; I’m a kind young girl.

PHoto credit: unknown / imgur

25. Even though he was born without legs, he stands tall.

PHoto credit: unknown / imgur

26. Little mushy and squishy ball of fur…

Photo credit: exoticherman



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