There is no way that vandalism can be presented as a pleasant activity. However, we shouldn’t deny the fact that there are times when we come across photographs of hilarious things that are related to vandalism. For this reason, we have compiled in this article photographs of vandalism that are both hilarious and inventive, as well as positive. When you first encounter this collection, the thought of wilful destruction of private or public property as a result of vandalism will be immediately pushed to the back of your mind for a while. Nevertheless, we can see that certain behaviors cannot be regarded as unethical when somebody chooses to combine it with their creativity in order to make mundane tasks more interesting.

Just keep scrolling down to see the rest of this incredible gallery without any further delay.


#1 This is too funny for words!

Photo credit: StupidNewGuy

#2 Discovered This While Going Through My Italy Trip Archives.

Photo credit: kewko

#3 A Valuable Tip for Everyday Life!

Photo credit: Bierrr

#4 Yes Of Course. Not a Single Bad One.

Photo credit:Bierrr

#5 No Bills.

Photo credit: ZadocPaet

#6 Aren’t You?

Photo credit: _D4Z3_

#7 A Garbage Can That’s Starving!

Photo credit: gotemyey

#8 Hey, I’m Kong!

Photo credit: SmileyFace-_-

#9 Calvin & Hobbes

Photo credit: johnlemonson

#10 This Place’s Vandalism Is Way Too Adorable!

Photo credit: buttonose

#11 I want to thank whoever it was that put this on the light in the men’s restroom.

Photo credit:  Leafy_Seadrago

#12 Even statues need to be kept tidy and in good condition.

Photo credit: SirJukesALot

#13 I Would Say That It Is Way Too Heavy.

Photo credit: Calcd_Uncertainty

#14 Yoyo is a good option to go with.

Photo credit: GallowBoob

#15 Please Keep Your Hands Off!

 Photo credit: johnlemonson

#16 There’s Always Gonna Be That One Snake Who’s A Douchebag!

Photo credit: sooo_many

#17 Hahaha! 

Photo credit: johnlemonson

#18 Be Careful! There is a Potential for an Attack by UFOs.

Photo credit: johnlemonson

#19 Thought It Would Be Fun To Have Some.

Photo credit: ColourScientist

#20 It Would Appear That The Advertisement Hacker Has Nothing Good to Say About Apple.

Photo credit:

#21 It Would Appear That It Is Starving.

Photo credit: secretlakr

#22 This is too funny for words!

Photo credit: GallowBoob

#23 Wow, that Was One Sweet Kick!

Photo credit: Oakoak

Have you had fun looking at these cheerful and humorous images linked to vandalism? Why not let others know about this opportunity? Best wishes on your journey until we cross paths again!




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