A child is said to be a flower in life’s garden. And you’ll probably need to become a mother or father to comprehend this proverb properly. Even then, it takes time since there are so many things to go through that you don’t have time for philosophy. And this hypothesis isn’t limited to humans; animals have their AHA! Moments.

#1 You don’t have to be fluent in feline lingo to comprehend what she’s going through.

Photo credit: aerrorfree / Imgur

#2 “As a result, I became a mother.” “What do we do now?”

Photo credit: ProbationInTheMaking / Reddit

#3 “I’m never going to sleep again…”

Photo credit: loopdeloops / Reddit


#4 “This parenting stuff has worn my ewe out.”

Photo credit: JaderBug12 / Reddit

#5 When you discover you’re sharing your home with six kittens.

Photo credit: regian24 / Reddit

#6 “It’s exhausting to be a parent.”

Photo credit: Cuti3_Pi3 / Reddit

#7 Someone is in a bad mood.

Photo credit: hugALLthecats / Imgur


#8 “A visual representation of parenthood”

Photo credit: what-whhhaaaaattttt / Reddit

#9 “Precious sweet motherhood…” says the narrator.

Photo credit: NoMorehugsavailable / Reddit

#10 “Being a mother may be exhausting.”

Photo credit: KittenBraden / Reddit

#11 “The responsibilities of parenthood have utterly overwhelmed my cat.”

Photo credit: beaannola / Reddit


#12 “One of my mother’s dogs just gave birth to puppies. She doesn’t look very pleased about it.”

Photo credit: Drawtaru / Reddit

#13 “Being a mother may be a pain in the neck.”

Photo credit: endauver / Reddit

#14 “I took up a pregnant stray cat with eight kittens a few years ago.” “I’m familiar with that look.”

Photo credit: BrightGirl / Twitter

#15 “I guess I’m now a puppy pillow.”

Photo credit: jlitch / Reddit:


#16 “I’ve had pups, and this is the rest of my life?”

Photo credit: lextexiana / Reddit

#17 “At three weeks old, I believe the kittens practically outnumber mom in terms of bulk.”

Photo credit: OVEiTeNt / Reddit

#18 “You had no choice but to buy a puppy…”

Photo credit: MalindaSomerville / Reddit


#19 “As my kitty viciously chokes him, his eyes are filled with resignation.”

Photo credit: Traummann2020 / Reddit

#20 You’ll never be able to get away from them.

Photo credit: iderf / Imgur

#21 “Send assistance!”

Photo credit: CYBERSson / Reddit
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