You may have noticed some individuals who are not related but share a similar appearance. You never know what might appear around the next corner because life operates in a strange manner. But this is a totally separate set of images where people discover perfect replicas of themselves in artwork from museums.

Below is a gallery of images from Reddit that individuals have submitted about their replicas discovered in museums. Perhaps you can connect to such an occurrence from your own life!

Check out these incredible coincidences and give us your thoughts.

#1 Why not hold the same position?

Photo credit: Imgur

#2 Getting to Know Yourself

Photo credit: AlboUnderhill

#3 Finding Yourself in a Museum

Photo credit: realbobsnyder

#4 Heads Up!

Photo credit: facebook

#5 Two Times As Pretty

Photo credit: imgu

#6 Making The Historical Pose Again

Photo credit: Todd Mansfield

#7 A Child’s Doppelganger in a Museum

Photo credit: hifrienditsme

#8 “Have We Met Before?”

Photo credit:

#9 Twinning

Photo credit: MrPaulieP

#10 Why not also purchase twin outfits?

Photo credit: scrmedia

#11 The Reflection Effect

Photo credit: Melbourneer

#12 Found My Doppelgänger At The Louvre. Íñigo Melchor De Velasco

Photo credit: joahdato

#13 In a museum, you encounter yourself there

Photo credit: Davidurbon

#14 Historic Twin

Photo credit: 1999n12y27

#15 Time Travelled?

Photo credit: Blor-Utar

#16 At least this time around, he is happier.

Photo credit: ArdhaChandrasana

#17 Unexpected Meetings

Photo credit: WreckedTangled

#18 Beards Don’t Lie

Photo credit: Ross W. Duffin

#19 He found himself through history.

Photo credit: pepesilvia

#20 When You Find Yourself As A Samurai

Photo credit: datman510



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