Historically, humans and animals have had a special bond that benefits both pets and their owners. At times, we feel as if they melt away the world’s troubles since they have been proved to alleviate anxiety, stress, despair, and loneliness and improve general health. However, when it comes to pets, they develop an attachment to us as human beings.

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#1 Blowing bubbles for the donkeys, my daughter.

Photo credit: buildabebby / Reddit


#2 My spouse and cat both had birthdays within the same week.

Photo credit: HelpfulPhotograph185 / Reddit

#3 My mother created a carpet for my dog’s food and drink bowls.

Photo credit: Buchy905 / Reddit


#4 The husband said that he intended to construct a bed frame. I assumed it was to cover the cost of our new mattress. It was intended for the cat.

Photo credit: julcarls / Reddit

#5 I’m tending to my weary hooman cushion. Purring and cuddling with them to alleviate their discomfort

Photo credit:  Isakitty04 / Reddit


#6 Today was a trying day at work. When I was done, this lovely lady refused to leave my side.

Photo credit: cazzo_di_frigida / Reddit

#7 My friend’s dog, who would look at me every morning until I cuddled her

Photo credit: clementxne / Reddit


#8 He only wants to be like Daddy.

Photo credit: Phone_Je*** / Reddit

#9 I saved the shirt from the first day I met my closest buddy and gave it away 13 years later

Photo credit: phildesignart / Reddit


#10 They are awaiting the return of my wife.

Photo credit: G*nnCelt / Reddit

#11 Her foster mother said that she loves contractors. She is unquestionably the ideal companion for my husband and will admire him throughout the day.

Photo credit: CharmingtheCobra / Reddit


#12 I attempted to photograph her chicken wing loaf humorously, but she glanced at me, and I captured the loveliest shot.

Photo credit: Ash-Bandicoot / Reddit

#13 From the day of our wedding — I believed someone was a little infatuated with my spouse.

Photo credit: Omisland / Reddit


#14 Everyone, please say hi to my eldest son, LJ! He is a Maine Coon, he will be three years old in May, and he weighs 21 pounds and is constantly growing!

Photo credit: jeremy_moss / Reddit

#15 Finally, I succumbed and secured a rescue for my kid on the occasion of his sixteenth birthday. They have fallen in love.

Photo credit: WhereRDaSnacks / Reddit


#16 My 82-year-old father slept out while holding the ear of my yellow lab.

Photo credit: Just-Pay-4068 / Reddit

#17 My father and my kitten, Honey, are infatuated with one another.

Photo credit: Kittykatnorwegian / Reddit


#18 I believe my 13-year-old young daughter is delighted with her new wheels.

Photo credit: Rustyskittlebits / Reddi

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