Facial characteristics and deeper qualities are just two of the many ways people are distinct from one another. Style and taste in design are one of them. Some prefer modest and elegant things, while others aren’t scared to stand out and draw attention. One of the best things about being eccentric is that it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.


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#1 It’s hard to imagine having to clean this slobbery vehicle.

More info: SleepingBeastie / reddit

#2 Toefers

Photo credit: RosarioPawson / reddit


#3 Toe to toe, eye to eye.

Photo credit: softlemon / reddit

#4 In a dark biology classroom, I suppose?

Photo credit: simcgin / reddit


#5 You can’t go wrong with this hot dog on your arm!

Photo credit: Lysergsaurdiatylamid / reddit

#6 It’s a beautiful paint job.

Photo credit: pumpkinbot / reddit


#7 A sculpture made out of a metal shipping container.

Photo credit: punkandbrewster / reddit

#8 Isn’t it relaxing to sit in a tennis ball chair?

Photo credit: jtal888 / reddit


#9 Lie back and relax on a saguaro (chair)

Photo credit: Beelazyy / reddit

#10 At the swap meet, a Bluetooth cat speaker was for sale.

Photo credit: WackyWeiner / reddit


#11 It appears to be able to pivot as well.

Photo credit: Legithmus / reddit

#12 Don’t make a light out of a mannequin head if someone asks you to.

Photo credit: Preparation_HB*** / reddit


#13 An armchair constructed with 65 pairs of Yeezy sneakers.

Photo credit: g_nome7 / reddit

#14 The Barbie foosball table

Photo credit: flickr


#15 What I received for my feet are these lobster flip-flops.

Photo credit: WeirdPelicanGuy / reddit

#16 The most eye-catching guitar in history.

Photo credit: fulcrims / imgur


#17 A stool for your feet

Photo credit: PermianExtinction / reddit



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