Funny tattoos aren’t limited to those that turned out badly. Some people go the additional mile with their sense of humor and originality by deciding to get a tattoo that is meant to be funny. We may not agree with their choice, but we have to respect their guts for getting a silly tattoo permanently embedded in their skin.


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#1 This was the greatest photo of him he could find.

Photo credit: Nicolasrvmoraes/reddit

#2 It’s a new tattoo, and it’s on my uncle

Photo credit: InfidelCB/reddit


#3 Here we have another wolf tattoo, this one with sagging eyelids and a moon cookie.

Photo credit: momof2redheads/reddit

#4 Nailed it!

Photo credit: greed210/reddit


#5 I can’t tell if the dog is yawning or barking.

Photo credit: hotp0tat/reddit

#6 The original intention of this tattoo was to depict stars.

Photo credit: macsimillian/reddit


#7 I take that as read that you’re looking at a lion.

Photo credit: samuelhunt/reddit

#8 Expectation vs. reality — I’d rather not dwell there.

Photo credit: GorillaBean/reddit


#9 Simply a tattoo of a baby wolf.

Photo credit:  jordie9109/reddit

#10 This tattoo of Peppa Pig

Photo credit: ponybeine/reddit


#11 My pal ignored my warnings and got a centipede tattoo on his face.

Photo credit: saltus/reddit

#12 On my date tonight, he showed me his tattoos with pride.

Photo credit: btacceber/reddit


#13 Ink from the Family Guy series

Photo credit: Gaza1121/reddit

#14 The tattoo of sunflower seeds

Photo credit: copaOW/reddit


#15 For the knee, a toad

Photo credit: xoJigglypuff/reddit

#16 The question is, “What sort of tattoo do I want?” I don’t know, kitties and pizza are two of my favorite things in life.

Photo credit: RespectMyAutoriteh/reddit


#17 Four hours of staring at each other… GO!

Photo credit: s**tstormsurfer/reddit


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